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    Post New Cameras on the Block

    The recent string on delivery problems prompted me to ask abut newly intorduced cameras. It is with new products, that manufacturers often face delivery delays. Has anyone evaluated new cameras and received delivery dates? If so, what did you think? Newly introduced products include MSA's Evolution 3000 & 4000, Bullard's MX, and ICC's camera with "Image Gold"? I would like to hear feedback, good or bad. Are these cameras readily available for demonstrations or evaluations?

    Greg Hall

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    I have called MSA and Bullard asking to see the Evolution 4000 and MX at training burns we will be doing in the next few weeks. The response I got from the MSA was they had no idea when they would get one, but they could bring the Argus II. As far as the MX, the dist said he would have to check with the factory and would get back to me and I have not heard from him. I didn't contact ICC.

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    Greg Ė I was recently up to ICC and upgraded my demo unit to the Image Gold software option. So far Iím pretty happy with it. Weíve used it on some calls in my town and the guys say they prefer the gold over the older gray display. Most customers were also picking the Gold when I used a second camera loaned to me from the factory for a couple of demos I did.

    In fact it worked real nice at a brush fire the other night locating hot spots. It saved us a lot of time dragging hose through the woods in our full bunker gear. I know thatís not a function of any specific camera, but itís been getting hot around here and the luxury of taking my demo camera on fire calls helps me get out of my gear that much faster.

    Hot Weather + Bunker Gear = Makes Me Sad! (how do you guys do it down south?)

    Nice thing about it is that itís only a matter of hooking up to a laptop and swapping software if you want to change it. All my demos in NJ will now be with the Image Gold. Yes we are delivering the camera with Image Gold as an option.

    no_name_FF - For this one Iíll say it. I am the authorized dealer for the ICC FireOpTIC in the state if New Jersey. (itís only fair when Iím giving specifics)

    Train hard, train often!


    Rob Donnan
    Captain, Metuchen FD
    President, Jersey Fire & Rescue

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    Of the recent burns and demo's I've done, I have yet to see either of MSA's or Bullards new cameras. The FD's I've spoken to that have had demo's from MSA and Bullard, were done with the Argus II and Bullard-BST cameras. I did not attend FDIC-Ind., so I myself have not seen them.
    As for MSA, the Rep I spoke to stated, the Evolution 3000 / 4000 were not yet in full production.


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