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    LtDanCobbFD Guest

    Post Camera repairs

    I am interested in everyone's experiences with TIC repairs. Do most manufacturers gaurantee a loaner for non-warranty repairs?
    What is the normal turnaround time for camera repairs that have to go back to the factory?

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    Dudley Guest

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    ISG promises a 72 hour turn-around on warranty repairs, but they did not meet their commitment when we had to return our unit recently. They did not even call to say that the loaner would be delayed. We (Mifflin Township in Gahanna, OH) had the 72 guarantee in writing, but it didn't do us any good. We got the loaner 5 days after they received it from us.


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    Recently, I noticed our ISG camera had something making a noise inside. I contacted the local rep who drove to Mississippi to pick up the unit. We had our back in our hands in 48 hours and the rep (Tony at AirSafe) wsa willing to loan us his demo until we got it back. Woolmarket FD is very pleased with the service.
    Will Hesse
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    FireTIC Guest


    Being an ISG dealer in NJ, we have loaned our demo unit to customers as an added bonus. This was not in writing, but we helped our customer out when they needed us.
    Customer service is as important as the sale.


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    S. Cook Guest


    Bullard gives us great service - we send it one day, the next day they get it, fix it, call us to let us know and send it out, we get it the day after that.

    We've only sent 1 TIC in for repair and Bullard and the local rep made sure we had a loaner before ours left the station.

    We've sent TICs to them to modify (once for a different color case and once to have the in truck charger put in) and didn't request a spare, but they offered them.

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