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    Post New Jersey TIC Program Pays Off -- Almost

    Last night, 2 NJ program Bullard cameras were used in conjunction with another TIC and tracking dogs to attempt to locate an eleven year old runaway.

    Unfortunately (for TIMan and the Bullard crowd) the TICs did not locate the child due to some excellent police work by the juvenile detective. However, the availability of 5 TICs was fantastic!! Two departments had previously purchased MSA (Argus and Argus II) and three departments had recently delivered NJ program Bullard TICs. The Argus and two of the Bullards were in service at the scene and followed the tracking dogs, narrowing the search areas.

    Basic facts: Eleven year old gets in argument with father over school performance, runs to bedroom and hops out window wearing pajama bottoms only, no shoes, no shirt. Temperature in mid 50s. Reported at 22:45, FD and tracking dogs called at 23:55. FD staged 2 blocks away, tracking dog gets scent leading into wooded area and fields.

    Area is bordered by river, canal, high speed highway.

    As dog tracked trail, 2 TICs used to scan open areas and narrow foot search area.

    While search in progress, child circled back and was in property neighboring his apartment complex. Juvenile detective in unmarked car, noticed something in bushes and located child.

    Having three TIC in service and two on stand by boosted the level of confidence in the search, streamlined operations and made the operation go faster than any similar search did in the past.

    I can't wait until the NJ program has at least one TIC in each department. Think of how well a search will go with five, ten or twenty TICs available.

    PS. Sorry TIMan, we did our best to have the first NJ program save for you.... maybe next time.

    The above is MY OPINION only and not that of anyone else. I am not representing any organization in making a post here!!!!

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    Hello All,

    Thanks for the update no_name, like you said, maybe next time.

    Couple of comments :

    A save, is a save, period !
    No matter if you use brand a, b, or c if you use it to save a life, prevent injury, or reduce property damage that is all that really matters. I hate the fact that so many brothers and sisters do battle amongst themselves, in many cases over which piece of equipment is better. We all definitely have to figure out which piece of equipment is going to work like it needs to. However, contrary to popular belief there may actually be 2 or 3 brands of equipment that actually do a suitable job not just one. Do your homework, figure out what works for you, and use it. If it turns out to be a bad decision don’t be too arrogant or dumb to admit it. If it works well spread the word, if not, you should also let others know in a civilized manner. We are taught competition at a very early age, and in many cases competition can bring out the best in everyone and everything. In many other cases competition can be a severe hindrance to progress, and what is really needed is teamwork. We all should be responding to the bell for the same reasons, to save lives and property. We just have to remember we may get there by doing different things and using different types of equipment. Enough preaching and philosophizing, but please think about it.

    This is an excellent example of how a thermal imager can be used for just about everything, not just firefighting. I strongly encourage everyone to use their TI every chance they get. It will amaze you how much knowledge you will gain and how many uses you will find for it. This is also a good example of how important it is to use the best tool (or tools) for the job. A TI is an excellent tool, but it is not always the best for everything. You might be able to detect a gas leak with a TI, but you would obviously be better off with a gas detector, especially because the TI is not intrinsically safe. It also points out there may be more than just “one best thing”. In this case a TI may not have done as well as the dogs, but together they are going to work much better than any one would have alone.

    If you have a story or example, please share it. We all can learn from each other.

    Good Luck, Be Safe,

    Mike Richardson
    Bullard TI Training Specialist

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    One of the departments by me uses the TIC for public relations. They take the TIC to a residence and show the homeowner where heat is escaping from the house. The charge no fee, but emphasize that they are volunteer and dependent upon donations. I understand that it has worked well for them.

    The above is MY OPINION only and not that of anyone else. I am not representing any organization in making a post here!!!!

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