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    Thumbs up ISG Talisman

    After playing with 6 or 7 TI's at one of our fire attack schools recently, I have to give credit to the Talisman.

    Prior to using this TI, I had experience with Bullard's TI line and found the Bullards to be good cameras (they still are).

    The picture quality on the Talisman, however, was far superior in clarity. It was able to distinguish subtle temperature changes better, and was lightweight. I'd recommend that departments consider playing around with a Talisman... especially if you've used a Bullard and liked it. You just might like this one more.

    My other opinions on models which stuck out in my mind:

    IRIS: Too bulky, too hard to judge distances // spatial disorientation... yuck. I'm not a fan of the helmet mounts at all.

    VIPER: Nice big display, liked the pivoting head, HATED the external transmitter and wires/connectors, screen tended to get that "whitish" tinge (not completely whited out) around the edges more than the others, not thrilled with the strap system to hold it. The case seemed a bit fragile/cheap too.

    BULLARD: A solid camera. Picture is a bit grainy compared to ISG's Talisman... maybe the newer one will be better?

    SCOTT: Nothing too impressive. Decent picture

    Get what you like and what works for your department, like everyone else on here says. Play with as many as you can under real and simulated conditions.

    I can't wait for the day when Heads-Up Displays are integrated into every FF's SCBA facemask. TI displays, compass, GPS, ambient temperature reading, radio interface, PASS device, intercom... and a transceiver constantly relaying this data to a command computer.

    The basics still need to be taught... I'd never question or downplay their importance. But these new technologies, in combination with the basics, can make the job safer and more efficient for sure.

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    We have purchased the ISG in my dept. We are located in Penoscot country. I have only had a chance to demo the Cairns IRIS and the ISG. I myself like the helmet mount cameras. If you don't like the Cairns then try the FIREFLIR. It's not a bulky as the IRIS and comes off much easier. So far though the ISG has turned out to be a very good camera. WE got the new ISG with the Digitek built into it. I have never tried the Bullard so I will not speculate.

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