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    Question Scott eagle imager

    Has anyone heard of the Scott Eagle Imager? We are looking at purchasing this camera. It comes in black and white or black, white and green. It is a nice camera. Relatively cheep compared to others on the market and it is backed by a reputable name and good service (they do all our airpacks). Has anyone bought this camera? Has anyone looked at this camera for purchase? What are your thought on this particular camera?

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    I have never looked at the Scott camera. I don't know very many dept's that are using them. We use the ISG K90 with the Digitek system. Seems to work very well. I've seen that MSA has dropped the price of their ARGUS 2 down to $9,995.00. That's a pretty good price. You could buy 2 cameras for the price of one. I would demo the Argus 2 before you bought it but it sounds like a good deal to me. In Maine where I live alot of the dept's have either the ISG or the Bullard. Some have Cairns but I can't think of anyone that uses the Scott off the top of my head. Good luck in your purchase and be safe.

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    I have looked at the MSA, Argus2, Bullard, Carins Viper, and one the salesman threw 20 feet across the floor (can't remember the name) Tough camera, really liked it until a live demo. It was a company out of Utica. The trouble with these camera were the picture quality in a live burn. Out in the open they looked great. Got into the fire and it took to long for them to adjust from one item to the next. One, I remember, looking at the fire and 2 feet away was my partner and you could not see him at all. The trouble with the colored ones is that it is to much to look at!. All we are looking for is something that lets you know what is hot and what is not and where a victum is. I was very impressed with the SCOTT camera. The salesman of all the other camera I looked at were not at all anything to speakof. That turned me off as well. Some of these flybynight companies I don't know about! Scott will be around a long time. They just bought out E-1. They are the biggest dealers in Europe (which have had this technology longer). Scott runs 15,000 with extended three year warranty and telemetry. We are also looking at buying five keyed mikes and a seperate frequency to transmitt to video station. they run about 900 a piece.

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    Although I applaud your efforts for evaluating cameras, I beilieve your job is only half done. You should look into ALL Thermal Imaging systems available for firefighting (9 or so).
    Your choice for a camera may be swayed by the type of airpacks you use (or the dealer). Dont let anything get in the way of your decision.
    Scott has a very good name in the fire service, but its not in Thermal Imaging. I know of a few cameras in service in New Jersey, but most of the time they stay in the box (from what I'm told). You may want to contact a couple of users in the area to get an idea of long-term performance.
    I'm not faulting your evaluation, but there are other choices to at least consider before making a final decision. Here are a few maybe you havent seen:

    1) ISG K-90 Talisman
    2) MSA Evolution 3000 & 4000
    3) ISI Vision-3
    4) Fireflir (helmet mount)
    5) FRC - Survivor

    Good luck in your search for a camera, whatever the make or model.


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    I have used the Scott camera.

    If there was an imaginary pass/fail line for TIC's Scott would definitely be above the line. The question is how high you you want to go. The Houston F.D. has over 40 of them with mixed reviews...but mostly positive. They were priced extremely low. While Scott has had the low bid, many others are dropping their prices. Gotta love competition.

    I have found the Bullard to be an excellent camera as well as the ISG. Cairns (Viper) was invited to show a camera at work but they admitted they could not compete with Bullard and Scott pricewise (in Texas).

    Point Being...Do your own homework, start here then try to clear the muddied waters. Half the fun of buying a TIC is evaluating them head to head with your needs. BUT do recognize that there really is some good info on cameras here.


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    Thumbs up

    We had aanother demo of the Scott camera last night in a live burn between the two different ones (black and white, and black, white and green) We liked the black and white. The other camera we have looked at were not as well liked (carins, talisman, msa, bullard, fireoptics, fireflir). We are also buying five communication packages which include amplifer so partners can hear each other and a keyed mike to talk to a command post watching the video of the TIC. All together the communications, camera, telemetry, 3 year warranty, and a few minor other things- total cost is about 20500 (each communication package is 1000, camera 14500, 1000 for warranty).Community support has been great! The commitee, made up of wives of the firemen, raised all the money in less than six weeks with an extra 8000 to spend on turnout gear, airpacks, OR maybe a rescue boat with trailer, motor and gumby suits.
    Thanks for everone's input!

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    Sounds like you've done your homework. I want to wish you the best of luck in your purchase! Write me sometime and tell me how it all works out

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    Sounds like you already decided on Scott, but I thought I'd just let you know about our experience.

    We have 2 Scott Eagle Imagers and love them. We have had no major problems eith them, other than people forgetting to change the batteries. We piggy backed on Houston's order last year and got them for $11,800. We have the plain Jane version -- Not sure we want the video link yet.

    We also have the voice amplifiers -- still getting used to them. You have use the radio a little differently with them.

    We also have an ISI Vision that we bought back in '98. Still a good unit, but the Scott is better.

    Have fun with it. You'll be amazed how much easier overhaul is with a TIC.

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    I used a cairn's Iris this morning and had problems with it. The picture whited out on me about 2 minutes into the search. My partner was handed the Scott imager by another truck crew who was reassigned. He had some white out at the top of the stairs where I had problems but he blew past me on the search. I ended up searching the "old fashioned way". After we got some cross ventilation in the apt. the image improved some. This was the first fire we have used them on the initial search. I love the hands free idea but the picutre of the Scott is a much better picture to see.

    These are my opinions and not that of my dept.

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