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    Question TIC Tests and Evaluations

    My Department is in the testing stages of TIC's and I am still having a hard time deciding. I would like some input as to the goods and bads of the TIC's you guys have in your Departments. I have narrowed it down to 5 hand held units; Scott, Bullard, ISI, ISG, MSA. If any of you have any input on any of these TIC's please let me know.

    I would like to hear from the front line guys who use them everyday.

    Thanks in advance

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    We just purchased a FireOptic TIC. I can say that while we have only had the unit for only a couple of weeks, we have already put it to great use, and I for one am VERY happy with it.

    We have been using the camera with almost every training session that we have had, and find it very useful. Twice, we have used the camera on actual fire calls. Both fires were well contained and quickly extinguished, but the camera proved it's worth during secondary search and overhaul. (It did not arrive until this time, since we were the mutuial aid company.)

    Our first call was a vetrinary hospital, the camera cut our overhaul time to less than a third, since we did not have to remove the contents of the entire attic area. I was able to confirm that the "hot" area was limited to one section, and overhaul was isolated to there, reducing damage, and time.

    The second call was a SMALL kitchen fire that was extinguished by a PD unit. Overhaul was limited to removing the burnt curtains, and window frame, and thanks to the camera, only two holes were punched into the walls. Further extention checks were not necessary, since the camera clearly pointed out what was hot and what was not.

    While these are not "life saving" uses, the owners of both buildings were gratefull that we did not have to perform the standard overhaul, which would have cost them a great deal more to repair.

    I am also VERY impressed with the camera's durability and craftsmanship. All you have to do is let the sales rep show you the drop test. Wehn he SLAMS it to the floor, without so much as a flicker, you too will be sold. Without seeing it, it is hard to explain. They don't drop it, they flat out THROW it at the ground. I have not met another MFG that is willing to come close, let alone do the same.

    I recomend that you take a CLOSE look at the FireOptic TIC. I think you will be as impressed as I am.

    Noroton Heights Fire Dept, Darien, CT

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    Try ISG. the Navy conducted a number of tests on 7 different units and ISG came out on top. They will also provide you with a copy of the testing criteria.

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    S. Cook
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    OK, I'm going a little off message on this one as I believe you need to do the final eval and get the one that suits you.


    We have 3 Bullards, get great service from them (one minor repair, one we had the case color changed to match a rigs equipment color and we had all 3 modified to truck mounted charging system). In each case the imager was returned in less than 48 hours. they have yet to let us down on a call, in training or at a public demo.

    A department we run AA with a lot has one of teh other brands you mentioned with all the gadgets (transmitter, thermometer). I've seen it off the truck one time - other than that they always ask for ours when we get there. What's funny is they wouldn't even look at a Bullard when they bought because we had one.

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    My dept use the ISG camera. So far the camera has worked very well for us. We have had to send it back for moisture in the viewing screen,but was returned rather swiftly. Myself I like the Cairns Viper, but each to their own. Tell us what camera your dept decides to buy. Hope this helps.

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    Our department is also looking into the purchase of TIC. How can we get a copy of the report from the Navy? We are planning to have a day where many reps come out withthere cameras. What are some important thing to look for in the demo? Thanks in advance.

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    S. Cook
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    Regarding the Navy report, be sure you get the current one (I haven't seen it yet but I hear it's out there). There are several more imagers that met their requirements in the new report.

    Read the whole report carefully. And remember they're fighting fire in a ship, not the Jones' place down the street.

    If you care to, you can read my take on the way the first Navy report was spun in an earlier discussion here http://www.firehouse.com/interactive...ML/000024.html

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    Thanks for all of your replies to my request. The choice was a difficult one and ultimately it came down to the all mighty dollar. Our Department decided to go with the Scott imager.

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    S. Cook
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    Scott beat the Argus 2 price of $9,995 for the complete setup?

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    Jeff Lane
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    Thumbs up

    Take a look at the Cairns Viper. We tried it the other night at drill and we thought it was a good camera. We are still in the process of testing differnt models, but so far we like the Viper.

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    S. Cook, just a note since I happen to have looked into the Argus for $9995. This is not the MSA Argus most are familiar with. This is being marketed independently by the company in England that formerly made them for MSA. There is NO guarantees when purchased, no known service reps willing to work on them if there are problems. MSA has already advised me they would not even touch it.

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    old Bob
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    Correction time again!
    dch419 - where on earth do you get your information from?
    There is only one Argus2 - you used to buy it from MSA, now you buy it direct from the makers,Marconi,hence the price - it`s the same camera.
    No guarantee?We offer 24 months straight from the manufacturer!
    No service?We have a full test and repair facility in Elmsford,NY with loaners and demos if you need them!
    MSA advice?They are still selling Argus2 and servicing the ones they sold as far as I know.I appreciate they will be promoting their own cameras but are you sure that`s what they said?

    old Bob M.

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    More misinformation from the people in the DONT KNOW group.
    As a matter of fact I did a burn with a Marconi rep a little over a week ago.

    old Bob,
    I didnt know MSA did any repairs on the Argus. Learned something new.


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    I personally can't say which TIC is the best, but I very close friend which is the Deputy Chief of a department in South Jersey put their's to a new test. The Deputy Chief of this department is also a Police officer in the town and they utilized it in a night foot persuite that found it's way into thick, dense woods. And where the night vision failed the TIC made up for. The TIC not only can pick up the heat source threw bushes, it also outlined the perp. Night vision opticals only eluminate the area. And it was also made it easy to identify other officers in the woods for their vests reduced heat pattern and showed the vest outline on the officers. And those with trauma plates only enhanced the cool spot in the vests. The perp was apprehended with the assistance of the TIC. I know that this doesn't help with which TIC is the best for your department, but I thought it was an interesting story anyway.

    David DeCant

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    Recently, our department when through a very extensive testing of many TIC's too evaluate which was best suited to our needs, testing included the following:
    2 live burns (which included temps. at or above 1400 deg. F.
    Exterior search
    Water submersion test
    Drop test
    And as strange as it may sound;
    Placing the units in a freezer for ten minutes
    After all the testing it came down to 2 cameras that all involved felt performed almost equally. The FireOptic and the Scott.
    At this time time we are purchasing the FireOptic.

    If anyone would like information on our test results feel free to E-mail me.

    As a final note I believe most of the cameras tested would serve their purpose we just felt the FireOptic was best for our needs.

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