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    Question ISG moisture.

    My dept use s the ISG camera. Today we used it at a working house fire. We got quite a bit of water on the camera. We went back to the station and wiped the the camera down to get all the junk off from it. We let it sit out for about 1 hour when we came back it had moisture on the inside of the viewing screen. Has anyone else had this problem? If so is there away to prevent it?

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    dalittle Guest


    There are two reasons why this may have occurred.

    First, if the camera was built and sealed in an environment where humidity is high, and you subject the unit to fast changes in temperature, you may get condensation inside the camera. This is particularly visible to you on the polycarbonate visor. However, bear in mind that our manufacturing facility in Atlanta is supposed to control this so the cameras are not sealed in high humidity environments.

    Then again, it could be that one of the camera’s seals been ruptured and it needs re-sealing. The ISG camera uses many “sealed” boards. Therefore, even if the camera gets some moisture inside, it will still work.

    Nevertheless, you should not have to worry about moisture. I suggest you send the camera back to us in Atlanta and we will check it out and get it back to you next day.

    If it’s under warranty – shipping is free.

    Call us… 877-733-3473

    Sorry for the inconvenience!!

    David A. Little
    Director, North American Operations
    ISG Thermal Systems USA, Inc.

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