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    Post TIC's and 800 Radio Interference

    We just delivery of our new Bullard TI's. We have found that our 800 radios will intermittantly interfere with the image when in close range (less than 2 feet). We stiil have a picture but it almost inverts the objects in color. We will be doing more testing.

    Any Ideas or thoughts?


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    I was'nt sure if you were refering to the camera itself, or a transmitter option you purchased. But I will try to respond anyway.

    If the problem you are having has to do with the camera, SEND IT BACK and get it fixed, or return it for a refund. I have never heard of a TIC that has had this problem, but some manufacturers believe in quantity NOT quality.

    If the problem is in a transmitter, again send it back to be fixed, refund the transmitter, or refund the whole camera. As far as I know Bullard's transmitter is an analog system and this may be the root of the problem.

    To All,
    Do your homework FIRST, then make your purchase.


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