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    Exclamation More TIC info needed

    How about the MSA Evolution4000? Anyone out there using this one? I will be demoing a neighboring Dept's when it comes in next week but would like to hear what others think of it as well.

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    Hello all,
    This is my first venture into the foray. I have enjoyed the information posted in this forum and have learned some interesting things here. The supposed "non-biased" jibberish is sometimes amusing but most often annoying, so to let you know up front, I have no affiliation with ANY TI company and am just a full time Engineer/Paramedic.
    About a year ago I began to research and gather information on TI's and it has been a VERY long process of learning and relearning the technology of TI. After a terrible incident in which a firefighter from our department lost his life in a house fire, I was given permission and a $56,000 budget to purchase 3 thermal imaging cameras. We are a full time/part time paid department with 27 full time and 50 part time operations firefighters with 3 stations. We narrowed our camera options down to 6 after reviewing the specs and seeing all the cameras in a conference room setting. Our 6 cameras to go through the rigors of live fire drills were the Bullard, MSA Evoultion 4000, Viper, ISI, ISG and the FireFlir helmet mounted unit. We used 8 firefighters and 4 officers in our testing phase. We sent 2 firefighters with 2 different cameras in to each burn and swapped cameras while in the structure, immediately after exiting the structure and removing our protective gear each firefighter evaluated the cameras with a 10 question prepared eval sheet. After all the cameras had been seen by all 12 evaluators the scores along with comments were tallied. After careful examination of the service and warranties of all the cameras, we choose the MSA Evoultion 4000. If any of you would like the specific reasons why, contact me and I will be happy to porvide them.
    A few hints in your process: 1st, be SURE to test the cameras in hostile condition, the camera we liked most in the conference room finished 4th after the live fires. 2nd, do not allow reps or manufactures at the live fire testing, let them give their sells pitch in the conference room. You can call them with any questions after your testing.
    Also, we raised $30,000 from private foundations and coperate donations, the money is out there if you are presistent enough.
    Good Luck to all in this process, be safe!


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