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    RonM Guest

    Question Fogging TIs ?

    The other day I was evaluating two TIs inside a burn building for purchase. The outside temperature was around 50 degrees, as were the TIs and SCBAs.I suppose the inside temperature of the burn building was somewhere around 100-150 degrees at the floor. I don't know what the humidity was.

    Upon entering the burn building the outside of the SCBA facepiece fogged over as they often do, but I did not anticipate the TI lens and display to fog, cause I guess I had just never thought about it. For the next few minutes I spent most of my time wiping the condensation from the SCBA facepiece lens, TI lens, and TI display with my gloved hand. After a few minutes the SCBA facepiece must have warmed up, and quit fogging, but after 15 minutes or so, I was still wiping condensation from the TIs.

    Since this was my first experience with TIs in heat, I was wondering if it is normal for the TIs to fog for some time whenever a temperature differential exists, and if so, is it reasonable to assume that the greater the temperature differential, the longer the fogging will continue?

    I suppose in theory this makes sense, but I was just wondering how others who have used TIs in heat have found this condition to be in actual fire conditions.

    Thanks for any response.

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    MetalMedic Guest


    Don't know if it would be advisable or not, but I wear eyeglasses and have found some good products to keep them from fogging up when you got from one temperature extreme to another. Check at your local optometrist and see if they have such a product. Would be worth a shot and probably better than wiping the lense with a dirty glove...

    Richard Nester
    Orrville (OH) Fire Dept.

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