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    Phil Hottel
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    Lightbulb Argus 2 policy/guidelines

    Dept recently purchased several Argus 2 imaging cameras. Looking for additional ideas (in addition to owners manual) you may have dealing with storage, checking and use of the unit. Special attention to the batteries - how often to check, recharge etc.

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    As far a the battery life try to let the battery go as dead as it can before charging.
    So once you start using it for operation try to leave the camera on as much as possible. I'm sure your camera came with a spare battery??. When we use our we leave the camera on during all operations and even when we are puting the trucks back into service. This way the battery will not collect as much "negative memory". Hope this helps.

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    Build yourselves a nice cabinet in the station to store these cameras. After you get tired of having them repaired (if you can) this is where you will find them. Next time around, spend enough for one of the good cameras that are out there.

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    Rich F
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    Here in New England there are many Argus 2's in service in many active career depts, as well as volunteer depts. I havent heard of any major problems. Every mfg. has had a problem somewhere along the way Sometimes the service is only as good as the dealer who is taking care of you.

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    Phil Hottel,

    The only suggestion I can make, is to get the camera out of the carry case and make a vehicle bracket. If you store it in the case, that is probably where it will stay. Use the camera as much as possible, that way you and others can learn to interpret images. I'm not sure if the Argus 2 has Nickle Metal Hydride (NiMH) batteries or Nickle Cadmium (NiCad), but you may not have to exercise the batteries as stated above if they are NiMH. Look at the battery label to see if you find either of the two abbreviations (). The info. stated above is good and may be your S.O.P. regardless of which battery type.

    Good Luck! Hope everything works out.

    NJ,PA,NY ISG Dealer

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    I would suggest mounting the TIC in the case in the cab area of your apparatus. The two main reasons for this are:
    1. If it is in the cab area you will more apt to grab it and take it wiht you when you get off the truck.
    2. If it is in the cab area it will not be in a compartment somewhere (under the highrise pack or Hurst tool with hydraulic fluid leaking all over it), because most of them are not firefighter proof.

    These are a few of the suggestion that we are going to make when my department recieves our TIC's.
    Hope this info helps.

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