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    Question Bullard cameras

    Anybody out there tried the new microbolometer Bullard? What do you think of it compared to the BST Bullard? Has anyone out there bought one yet? How did it compare for you to other microbolometer cameras? We are in the process of evaluating cameras and are interested in your input. Thanks

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    I've looked at both the BST Bullard and the new microbolometer unit. I didn't see much difference in the picture quality. I HAVE NOT tried this camera under fire conditions. I have looked at the Cairn Viper and the new MSA Evolution 4000. Picture quality is much better than the Bullard but the only way to find out is try it for yourself. My dept uses the ISG with Digitek. This camera is very good but my heart belongs to CAIRNS. I'm sure TIman will give us the scope shortly!!!

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    A few weeks ago, I compared a Bullard BST with a Bullard MX (Microbolometer) side by side in a burn building with ceiling temperatures somewhere around 1000 F.

    I found that I liked the BST better in the immediate fire area. The BST seemed to provide better resolution, and display greater temperature differences in the fire area than did the MX.

    The MX seemed to provide somewhat better resolution, and possibly better contrast outside the fire area where the temperatures were cooler. The image differences between the BST and MX did not appear to be significant under the cooler conditions.

    When you consider that most fire personnel prefer to extinguish fires rather than to observe them, my perceived advantage of the BST in the immediate fire area may be rather insignificant. Long story short - I'd take either one, since the majority of TI usage would most likely be in cooler areas (especially in residential fires).

    I also looked at a MSA Evolution 4000, but did not have the opportunity to take it in a burn building. The image of the MSA appeared to be similar to that of the Bullard MX.

    Since my exposure to TIs has been limited to demonstrations and 3 or 4 trips in a burn building, I hope you get more posts from others who have used TIs in actual fire fighting conditions, who can give you some good TI evaluation criterion if you don't already have it.

    If you get the chance to demo some TIs, try to get it on video if the TIs you demo have transmitters. I found it extremely difficult to remember the distinguishing characteristics of each of the TIs I looked at.


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