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    BMTFD Guest

    Question ARGUS 2

    Our dept. is looking to buy a tic. Does anyone have an Argus2? What are the pros and cons of an Argus 2.

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    IRalltheway Guest


    I have also used this camera before several times and it's OK. The price is great, but it's older technology and I think they just started servicing them here in the US, so turnaround time could be an issue, but again the price is the only thing that makes it a plus in my opinion.


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    E229Lt Guest


    Okay, time to vent!!!!
    I am NOT a vendor of any kind.
    This whole new technology line of crap is just that...CRAP
    Pick up any unit. Use it. Are you happy? Buy it!!!
    Next year when the "NEW TECHNOLOGY" arrives you will still see the image you were happy with.

    When you buy a computer and technology changes, it becomes hard to find software to run on your system. WHO CARES???? These are thermal cameras. Wake up, my American Heros, the Argus 2 is a fine platform for thermal imaging at a price 50% less than all the others. The user will define the degree of success you get out of it.
    When you add all the bells and whistles, all you have done is increase the price tag.

    Okay, I'm done. Go do what you want. I opted for buying a TIC for under $10,000 and am damn glad I did. We all want to think our fires are the hardest, hotest and toughest...well they're not. A TIC will enhance your operation but it won't make or break it. Buy the damn Argus and save a buck. It will "enhance" your operation, and that's all we're really looking for now, isn't it?????


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    fireman_387 Guest


    E229LT, I am a Career FF and yes a vendor. Part of what you are saying I strongly agree with. 1 st., you are right on the "new technology" thinking that if you are seeing a picture today, you will see one tomorrow.

    One thing I have to wonder though, why did MSA drop the Argus program? If I had to guess it had to do with the design features of the camera. The camera has basically the same design as the Argus 1. I look at it this way, Vehicles have been made for decades, in the beginning cars were death traps, today they are extremely safe. Design technology improves with time. No matter what you buy, and yes try them all not just in a ambient environment, but in a real tryout training fire.

    One last thought, when you were young you probably remember being told "you get what you pay for"

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    old Bob Guest


    As the manufacturer,just a couple of points to add to your lively debate - i)you can ask them but I think MSA dropped out to launch their own cameras,ii)we have always serviced in the US but we will do it ourselves at our existing facility rather than MSA doing it (we will certainly be targeting the reduction of turnaround times) - the Navy have been doing their own for a long time - and iii)Argus2 is the same externally as Argus as we were happy with the shape and general ergonomics of the camera - the inside contains all available improvements.

    old Bob M.

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    FireCowboy Guest

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    Talked with Argus Rep at Firehouse 2000, and he was going to send a demo unit within a few weeks of the Expo. Have never seen it. If this is the type of service Argus provides, I will stick with MSA.

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    86Rescuetech Guest

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    We have used an Argus2 and only had problems with our charger and batteries. Our rep has replaced them with no problems. The image in the screen is clear. It is a little top heavy but easy to handle. We have a training building and have used the camera in fire situations with good success. We have also used the MSA Evolution and have liked that. Try then all if you can. For the price, you can't beat the Argus 2. It may be old style technology, but it still can save lives. Just think about your latest apparatus purchase, the truck you are replacing can still put out fires, can't it?

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