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    Question MSA Evolution 4000

    I am interested in knowing if there are any depts out there who have purchased and are using the "4000".

    I was planning on purchasing 4 Bullard (BST) however have the opportunity of getting 4 MSA's at a competitive price. Thoughts?

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    Go with the one that has no user-in the field adjustments (ie. appature, or throttle) The less a firefighter has to worry about doing or adjusting in a fire the better. One other thing... Bullard says you can crawl with their camera... Where is the on and off switch??? And yes it is a instant off switch

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    I have used the MSA 4000 ,but only in a smoke filled building (not fire). This is a very nice camera. The only thing that sucks about it is the Batteries are in the bottom of the pistol grip and it makes for a very heavy hand-held camera. I have never used any of the Bullard camera except to look at them at conventions. I woulod say definatly try the MSA before you buy it!!!!!

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    I had the opportunity to use the Evolution 4000 in two seperate demo's. In the first one, the droptest caused the germanium lens to fall out on the floor and shatter into millions of pieces of "germanium dust". The second time was in a live burn. The camera reached its overheat temp relatively soon into the burn. The batteries were difficult to get ina nd out, and they didn't change automatically from bat 1 to bat 2 like it was supposed to. From all of our testing, we recommended the Bullard MX.

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    Thumbs down

    As someone wrote previously, field test any camera before you consider buying it (especially 4 of them!).

    As for my two cents, I used the Evolution 4000 in a relatively small test burn over the summer. The burn only involved some burning pallets in a 55-gallon drum, in the corner of a ventilated room. Within ten minutes (literally) of starting the evaluation, the camera's high temperature indicator flashed on. This indicator tells the operator that it will shut down in 5-10 minutes (i don't remember the exact time). The sales rep actually suggested to us that in a fire situation you could dunk the camera in the snow to cool it down, or spray it with a hoseline. Is that really practical? We sure didn't think so.

    I can't speak for the Bullard Microbolometer camera, but there is some controversy over whether microbolometer technology is ready to be used. Some say that it "can't take the heat". As I found out in my experience, that rings true with the Evolution 4000. The Bullard camera may or may not be a different story, depending on how they have packaged it to take the heat.

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    To All Interested,
    To start, I am a dealer for a camera. But I have seen alot of things happen at burns.

    Forget all the excuses you have heard from the dealers. If it has happened once, it has probably happened 100 times. (exaggerated)

    You should test your final choices in the burn building, not just in "cold smoke". If the camera you choose fails at a fire, you have only yourself to blame.

    Remember, you will have to live with your decision, do it right the first time.

    NJ,PA,NY ISG Dealer

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    We use the MSA and have since October 2000. It is a great tool. we haven't used it as a rescue tool yet but have done alot of training with it. We had a problem with the charger and the camera "whiting out" After a few minutes the screen turned all whit. Our rep said it needed a calibration. He fixed it in the field and have not had a problem since. We have used it mostly for overhaul and finding the seat of a fire. I still like the helmet mounted one, but beggers can't be choosers. Try them all if you can. Cairns is a nice unit as well.

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    Our dept. has just purchased 2 MSA 4000 cameras. It was not my first choice but hopefully I will get used to it. The MSA is not as versitile as other cameras. The picture quality is among the best but there are too many other negative things about the camera. We had demos on several cameras. The one that was among the worst was the Bullard. This suprises me due to the number of positive posts I read about it in the forums. My choice for a TIC camera is the Scott Eagle.

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    PFD, the reason you see so many positive posts is bullards advertising. Look at all the trade journals out there. practically all have at least two adds

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