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    Question Training

    Just looking for some unique training ideas to use With our new camera. If anyone could be of assistance i appreciate it.

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    I too have been actively searching for training ideas. We are begining our training of or newly purchased camera and are looking for creative ideas. Any suggestions?

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    My dept. has a bullard TI camera with a TV receiver. We have the TI for about 1 year or so and use it alot. When we first got our TI we played around with it at our station. Looking at trucks, garbage, water, hot and cold water, keep a shower door open start the water and change from cold to hot water(it's pretty cool), flush the toilet haha, look at pipes, lights on/off, get a bucket of water and some oil fill the bucket with water then slowly add oil see what happens(great for looking at spills in the water) When your done playing around in the station take the camera outside. Day and Night time has a neat effect give it a try. SIZE-UP look at building and houses can you see where most of the heat is, how about the chmney or vents. Look at cars driving by see what's hot, check out the parked cars to. light a peice of paper on fire and have everyone look at the fire with the camera it looks very different and bigger than what you see with your eye. while watching the fire have someone extinguish it with water (garden hose or water can extgr) check out power lines and cables and poles,DO NOT POINT THE CAMERA AT THE SUN.

    Play hide and seek with the lights out and someone(seeker)with the camera. follow the foot prints.

    Remember that the camera is another TOOL use it wisely.
    Our camera man carries with him Radio, Camera, Forcible entry tool, Rope bag for S&R/Tag Line.
    the rope gets tied to his entry point and he/she carries it as a tag line this is just in case the battery goes dead or malfunctioning camera or they drop it They still have a way out. good training idea send 2 ffers in a bldg. let them get in pretty far and the take the camera away from them and tell them to get out FAST...

    Any more questions email me at
    Have fun and be safe...

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