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    Talking Excellent Camera Usage - Overhaul

    We do not have a TIC. Several days ago we had a room and contents job in a kitchen. It was a stove fire, flames rolled up above it. We were doing overhaul in the kitchen and the other company there with us brought in there brand new TIC to show us it's capabilities. They were showing heat signatures in the room, where the fire rolled over our heads and scorched the paint on the ceiling. While moving across the ceiling they came across the metal light fixture in the center of the room. (There were NO signs of extension in that area.) The micro-bolometer went red. We pulled the fixture and "Surprise, surprise, surprise". We had a hole where the wiring entered the fixture with scorch marks. We opened up the hole to find a hotspot. Just goes to show you ANOTHER use for these wonderful new tools.

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    Great use, you saved yourself having to go back later for a rekindle and we all hate having to do that. If anyone is using TI's just for fire attack they are wasting at least 90% of it's value to the fire service. Besides fires I have used them to look for possible patients ejected from vehicles in crashes.

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