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    Red face Funding

    My department like many volunteer departments is on a very limited budget. How or where can a person find dunding for one of these cameras?

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    Firelover Guest


    For our department, we did a lot of fundraising (toll-booth, ticket sales,...). Here in New Brunswick they have a program that you can approach the goverment to get some help. They will match 50% of what your goal is. If all goes well, we might be able to get 2 cameras with this program.


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    86Rescuetech Guest


    With the house signing the $1million bill, you should contact your State Rep or Senator and ask for a Grant Application for the camera. We did a 50-50 grant and put out around $5000. Not bad for a life saver! Also, if you have a wealthy business owner, approach them. Believe it or not, they are receptive if you present it the right way. Firehouse .com did an article on the new bill passed. Check it out. Be safe.

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    Our city had three business men and a Corp. to donate the moneys for a camera, when they got going, the city bought a second camera. If you check with some of the TIC companies, such as Scott and Bullard they offer programs to assist you with fund raisers. Hope this helps!

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    Christie244 Guest


    I am the wife of a volunteer firefighter on Long Island. These TIC came to my attention 2 years ago. On my own I developed a packet that I hand delivered to every politician I know that represented my area. (This was my first step)Most replied back were idea's for us but the golden one came from State Senator Caesar Trunzo who got us $20,000.00. After that small donations came from the State Assemly Rep and the District Legislation Rep. This packet contained a cover letter a case statment a brochure (which I developed myself)and any articles that I could find that would show why this camera was so important. I am lucky that we have a local paper. I started writing letters and Thank You letters in this paper. From these letters that were printed small donations came in from the community. Last but not least a Chief and Commisioner went to every organization and gave speaches.(I was not asked to go to but little did they know I had beat them by 1 year. They were just waiting for the paper work.) Within two years I am happy to say the Patchogue Fire Department with the help of myself was able to raise enough money to purchase 2 MSA camera's and excessarys.They have used the camera at almost every call which has now showed me I did my job. It takes work and not giving up but it also takes time.(And if your a women, a skin of steel.) The money is out there you just have to go get it. The biggest advise I can give is if people help you please honor what they do and say thank you the right way.

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