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    Post TIC training video (homemade)

    I am currently video-taping TIC images as part of a training presentation. Using the BNC link in the camera I am connected to a camcorder.
    I am looking for ideas of what images may help in training and identifying what the users may see.
    Outside of actual burns, (our academy is closed for the season) I'd like some input.

    Thanks in advance.

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    What kind of TIc are you using?

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    How about overheated ballasts, circuit breakers. Bodies partially above water such as a river. Haz-mat applications. Fire extension such as outside of a chimney.

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    Hello All,

    Congratulations on your efforts E229lt, if I can be of any assistance let me know.

    To those of you who are looking for videos or photos you can check out the following : http://thermalimager.bullard.com/tec...rcesPhotos.cfm

    To those of you who may have good videos or photos I am always looking for new material to add to the website. I can't pay money for it, but I am willing to give you credit on the website and I have t-shirts and hats. If you are interested drop me a line.

    Also of interest, the December 2000 issue of "American Heat" was just done on thermal imaging and had a lot of good stuff in it. Here is their website : http://www.amheat.pwpl.com/default.htm

    I will be adding new footage to the website in the coming months so make sure you check back.

    Good Luck, Be Safe,

    Mike Richardson
    Bullard TI Training Specialist

    For TI Training : www.thermalimager.com/training www.safe-ir.com

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    Just some ideas:
    Use it to scan the area where you may set up helicopter landing zones at night to see powerlines hidden by darkness

    On a cold night use it to show water from a hoseline, normally the water will appear darker due to the usual cooler temperature but on cold nights the water may be warmer than the surrounding area and show up as a reverse situation where the water will appera white and the area black

    Show the liquid level in storage tanks

    Hope this helps.

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    LT: We're doing a promo video here soon; let me know what you're looking for and maybe we can help. We use the Bullard TIC.

    email: mcleanj@yorkcounty.gov

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