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    Question Draeger TIC info

    Does anyone have any info regarding the Drager TIC?..This is the first TIC we are looking at, at my Dept. Thanks

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    I didn't even know that Drager was in the market for TIC's.I would say you will have to try them all. I would like to see the specs for the Drager camera. My 2 depts both have the ISG K-90 with Digitek. This camera has worked very well for us.

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    Hello All,

    The unit you are looking for is not actually made by Draeger but by ICC. Draeger is now marketing the unit for them. This unit has been around as the "FireOpTIC" in one form or another for the last couple of years. Tom Clynne, the president of ICC has posted here on a number of topics and the ICC unit has also been mentioned in some. I am actually surprised Tom has not responded, must be busy.

    I don't know if you will find anything on Draeger's website because they also market other units in different parts of the world, unless that has changed recently.

    Hope this clears things up.

    Good Luck, Be safe,

    Mike Richardson
    Bullard TI Training Specialist

    For TI Training : www.thermalimager.com/training www.safe-ir.com

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    Thumbs up

    Great Camera!

    Not taking anything away from other manufacturers but we found that when it came to functional Microbilometer camera's ICC/Draeger came out on top.

    We have only had ours for several months but have used it several times, so far so good, any problems I will be sure to post them.

    I agree with what most others are saying, "try before you buy".

    Please also review the rest of the forums it may help you when determining what the best solution is for your dept.


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    Just to confuse you even further.......
    In parts of Europe,the Draeger TIC used to be a Talisman (ISG) though I think their relationship may have finished.

    old Bob M.

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    The Confusion continues:

    The Talisman was also known as the ISI-Vision I and Vision II thermal imagers in the USA and distributed through thier dealers.

    Before that, the Talisman was distributed through Fire Research Corp.

    Kind of hard to keep it all straight, when manufacturers make these moves.

    NJ,PA & NY ISG Dealer

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