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    Question Cairns VIPER TIC battery problems

    I have personal experience with two CAIRNs VIPER cameras which have had problems with battery capacity. I would like to know of anyone else who has had problems such as batteries failing to provide the advertised 90 minute capacity or additional batteries failing to charge. I would also be interested to know what type of response/service you have obtained form CAIRNS in regard to the problems.

    Thanks For Your Reply !
    Joe Pechacek

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    In addition to the topic below,

    I have had a number of conversations and personal experiences with Viper Battery problems. There have been a number of batteries that you could only get about 20-30 minutes out of.

    Supposedly this problem has been fixed, perhaps a rep would like to explain the problem and solution here so that the users have a clue as to what is going on.

    Joe, what is your rep telling you ?

    Good Luck, Be Safe,
    Mike Richardson
    Bullard TI Training Specialist

    For TI Training www.safe-ir.com & www.thermalimager.com/training

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