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    Doug Kline
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    Post TIC Departmental SOPs

    I have recently been placed on a committee charged with the development of a SOP for TIC use, training etc. If anyone has a good SOP in your department which cover this, I would love to see what you have done. Please email me directly, and I will supply an address or fax #.

    Thanks in advance,


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    Rich F
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    I too am very interested in any written guidelines for TIC's I have made posts before with no luck. Thanks in advance for any help.
    Stay Safe.

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    My Department is working on an ROG(recomended operating guidelines) for our TI camera. So far it's mostly discussen some things writen but not approved yet.
    Some things that may help you to come up with guidelines are:
    - Operators must be training to use the camera (know what they are looking at, etc.)
    - as far as entering Structures the TI operater should anchor a search line and use this line for other FFer's and if the camera fails or is lost. It's a safety issue
    - Our Rescue Capt. and Rescue Engineer Maintain the camera cleaning and charging the batteries. for repair work it is sent back to the manufacture, we do absolutly no type of repair work. (we are not TI techs.)
    - for mutual aid calls if a dept. calls for our camera the whole truck and our personnel respond (1 Rescue and atleast 4 total cert. FFer's) we use the camera not the dept that called us remember the PRICE of the TI +/- $20,000 (think about it, your going to give the camera to someone who you don't know or aren't trained to use it. Another safety issue. if that FFer who dies using YOUR camera who is responsible.

    Well that's just a few issues to get you started my email is ShawnL66@aol.com if you would like more info email me.


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    Try this site. There is an online set of SOP's, including Thermal Imager use in section IV-16.
    I'm glad to hear from any of you.

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