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    Question Should we buy the transmitter????

    I am a member of a small town (4000) small budget department. We recently received a grant to go towards the purchase a TIC. The city fathers have agreed to come up with the matching funds. If we choose to get the transmitter option, we the volunteers have to pay for it out of our own funds. My question is...........it this option more a luxury than a necessity? How much do the rest of you use this option besides during training sessions?


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    A few transmitter pros

    Can video tape evolutions as they are taking place, may be handy in our sue happy world (then again, it may not be)

    Another set of eyes can be watching and point out things that may be missed by the TIC operator

    IC gets a more complete picture

    Great training aid, training staff can watch ff operate in totally dark environment, correct mistakes immediately, or critique from a rewound tape and allow others to see it real time.

    Tapes can be used for incident critiques

    Preplan use tapes to show existing hot spots (wiring for example) in buildings. Maybe use these to get problems fixed before they become a bigger problem, like burning down the town square.

    Fund raising potential - offer thermal scans of homes and businesses showing where heat/cooling is lost.


    Just one, cost

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