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    Post Thermal Imaging Info

    Hello All,

    I posted this info a couple of months ago, but it looks like some people did not see it, so here it is again.

    I know there a lot of people out there who are looking for information on thermal imaging, so lets all post whatever resources we know of so others can take advantage of them as well.

    If your looking for thermal imagers :
    Cairns www.cairnsadvancedtechnologies.com
    Fire Research www.fireresearch.com
    FLIR www.fireflir.com
    GBSOLO www.gbsolo.co.uk/
    Drager / ICC www.infraredcomponents.com
    ISG http://www.isgfire.com/
    ISI www.intsafety.com
    Marconi www.argusdirect.com
    MSA www.MSAnet.com
    Scott http://www.scottaviation.com/web/hsw...pendocument#S3

    If your looking for info on evaluating thermal imagers : http://thermalimager.bullard.com/tec...Eval/index.cfm

    If your looking for info on legislation : http://thermalimager.bullard.com/techSpecs/politics.cfm

    If your looking for info on fundraising :

    If your looking for articles on thermal imaging : http://thermalimager.bullard.com/tec...esArticles.cfm

    If your looking for thermal imaging photos or videos : http://thermalimager.bullard.com/tec...rcesPhotos.cfm

    If your looking for info on TI training :

    If your looking for information on saves with a thermal imager : http://thermalimager.bullard.com/index07.cfm

    If your looking for TI SOPs :

    Additional TI Sites :

    Yes many of these are on the Bullard TI website, but the informaiton is generic and applies to anyone.

    If you have anything else please share it, we can learn a lot from each other.

    Good Luck, Be Safe,
    Mike Richardson
    Bullard TI Training Specialist

    PS : keep checking www.thermalimager.com, new material is always being added

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    Hello All,

    Just wanted to bring this back to the top, seems like some people are not going back and checking the previous posts.

    With the exception of an ocassional battle between myself and one of the other sales reps things are pretty dead.

    I know there are people out there with stories on how they have used a TI, what type of SOP they are using, how they evaluated units, etc. Please share it !!!

    Way to many people are getting into thermal imaging with little suppport or guidance. please share what you have learned so that others do not have to learn it the hard way.

    Good Luck, Be Safe,
    Mike "TIman" Richardson
    Bullard TI Training Specialist

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