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    Question cairns viper thermal immaging camera

    I am currently looking for information on the Cairns Viper TIC. I would like to know if anyone has had problems with this unit and what that might be. I would also like to know how many hours you are getting from your batteries.

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    csy113, we have two units in service right now, and plan to purchase one more in January. So far we have no problems with them. The batteries will last about 90 min. Also, they have to be fully drained, and recharged five times to get the 90 min.

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    Personally, I find the unit to be awkward. The "gimicy" lens tilt and size make it hard to crawl with. Technically, its a decent camera, good image.

    But, be careful, comments like that may get the manufacturers reps mad at you and they may call your chief and threaten you.
    The above is MY OPINION only and not that of anyone else. I am not representing any organization in making a post here!!!!

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