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    Default Is a remote transmitter necessary?

    We are currently reviewing specifications on TICs and a debate has come up. Of the departments that have TICs, how many have transmitters and of those, how often do they actually get used (not counting training)?

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    We currently only use our transmitter for training purposes. It is feasible that one day we could use it for a large incident, but have not done it yet. You might try the Cahrlottesville (Va) Fire Department, BC Werner, for additional information. I believe they regularly use them.

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    Whether it is worth it to YOUR DEPARTMENT is something that only YOUR DEPARTMENT can decide. When we researched TICs in Y2K, I was originally against the transmitter. Since then, I have somewhat changed my mind. Here's why.

    Training. So much easier to train with the transmitter. The trainer (or more specifically one of the trainers - you need more than one) can watch outside and give help. It is difficult to have one guy use and the trainer see what he sees.

    PR. Much easier to demonstrate it to public with a transmitter. Not a big deal generally, but great if you are trying to get $$ for another. Think of it, Mr. / Mrs. Politician out at fire academy watching your guys (gals) go in but not having to get dirty or anything else.

    Confined Space. If you need to look in a sewer or other confined space, you can lower camera down on rope and see what the camera sees. Much better than sending a firefighter down every single sewer. Also, if you can get your arm up high enough, you can look further in drop ceilings, ducts, other spaces in buildings. Easier to look up chimneys too.

    Down side. Where do you put the monitor? Chief's car. In volunteer company, is Chief's car always there. On first due unit? If you are like us, you are always scrambling for space to mount equipment. Plus, if you grab TIC and run with another engine, its not there.

    Hope this helps you.

    One option we elected was a mobile mount charger for the "free" Bullard we "bought" in NJ. Now it is mounted and charging (plus extra battery) in first due engine.
    The above is MY OPINION only and not that of anyone else. I am not representing any organization in making a post here!!!!

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