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    Post TIC Lens Fogging

    We have experienced rapid lens fogging with the TIC's. This is not unexpected when you take a camera from an ambient temperature of 50 degrees outdoors and enter a hot environment. For the first 5 minutes or so we spend a great deal of time wiping the lens on the camera until it acclimates itself to the indoor temperature. The camera is rendered almost useless during this time and can be pretty frustrating. Anyone with similar experience found a way to combat this problem?

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    David, I would recommend calling the manufacturer, however I once read about if you take some foam shaving cream (not gel!), and smear it on mirrors and wipe it off, they will not fog up. I have had success on car and apparatus mirrors, but haven't had the need to try it on out TIC's. But again before you use anything I would check with the manf., you never know if the screen is sensitive to certain chemicals.

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    It has happened every time I've used the damn thing in a fire. Seems I get it to stop fogging up and the engine opens their line and fills the air with steam, which also renders it blind. I keep trying to remember to bring some Rain-X for plastic in with me (to the fire house). I used it on my mask a while back and it worked really well, till it wore off. I'll let you know if I ever get it on the thing.
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