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    I was wondering if any of the departments with a thermal imaging camera have done any type of study to determine the reduction of property loss through the efficient use of the camera

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    fbekker, <br />You really can't justify it in terms of property loss reduction because you have a lot of variables there (time, water supply, staffing,etc.,etc.). a different approach in justifying the purchase is the speed and safety at which it allows a fire fighter to do his or her job. A second way to justify it is in search and rescue in ANY smoke filled occupancy can be done at a MUCH faster rate.

    One thing before your department gets too deep into the purchase process is to invite all manufacturers there and EVALUATE, EVALUATE, EVALUATE each camera. There are so many manufacturers out there it sometimes gets hard to look through the "ReaL" smoke that gets sent your way. Also, in evaluation if a manufacturer won't allow you to use there unit in the intended working environment (working fire) pass them over. I have seen companies out there that tried (and try) to get customers to buy without them evaluating.

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