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    maulte Guest

    Post help

    I have been trying to find a value on a Texaco Fire Truck that a friend
    gave me for my grandson.

    The box doesn't contain a name. It has a picture of a fire truck with the name "Texaco Fire Chief". The box is about 24 inches long. The contents are described as "Actual Scale Model made of heavy steel. Real siren and bell. Real Water Deluge Gun (operates on direct feed from garden hose). Real
    extension ladder with hoses" It is made by Buddy L. The end of the box has "one 5741" which I assume is the model number. This is the original box and has never been opened. The guy that gave it to me said it is
    about 30 years old. I would appreciate any
    help you could give me.

    Ed Mault


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    DLewisARFM Guest


    Ed -

    Whenever anyone is looking for a "value" - I sugest they check out ebay....

    You can do a search for "Texico Fire Pumper" (or anything for that matter) and instantly get a "real world" idea on what folks are actually paying for what items.

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    FyredUp Guest


    I'll tell you what....if you want to sell that truck let me know. If the price is right I would be interested. I had one of those as a kid, about 1967-69 or somewhere in there. Geez, don't just give that to your grandson to play with. Go get him an ertl truck at K-mart 0r Walmart.

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