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    Post Antique equipment

    We have an 1873 Silsby Steamer that we restored. We have had the boiler rebuilt, and told that it could be fired without too much of a problem...BUT were also told that we need to find documentation (yeah, right) about the operation of the unit before we try to "light 'er up" so to speak.
    If ANYONE either has, or might know where we could get a copy of any documents of this type it would be greatly appreciated if you could point me in the right direction.
    It would also be interesting to see what other pieces are out there and if they are available for viewing.

    Steve Gallagher
    Chillicothe (Ohio) Fire Department

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    Vinny Del Giudice
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    Steve: Have you contacted SPAAMFAA or the Smithsonian Institution? Regards.

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