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    Post FD & PD Relations...

    I just noticed the article on the Firehouse main page, concerning the incident in Michigan where a police officer "prevented" an ambulance from going to an accident call, because of a dispute over "wreckless driving".

    In my FD, we have good relations with the local (county, state, etc) police force. I can see where both sides were coming from. Though, we lack all the facts, I have known EMS/FF to drive wreckless at times. In our department, inappropriate behavior doesn't last long. First offense, and you loose your blue light (or red if you are a chief), and on suspension for 6 months, if it happens again, you are kicked out. In our area, the PD handles the situation, by informing the individuals CO at a later date(unless it is poses an immediate threat, then they would obviously take action).

    That does not excuse the officer from blocking the ambulance, though. I feel that the situation could have been handled differently, (prehaps at another time) as to prevent, the community from suffering.

    Just my two cents, how are other depts' relations with PD, and/or how does your department handle similar situations ??

    Terry McCall
    Marbletown VFD
    SAVAC of Oswego

    The views expressed, are solely mine, and do not represent the views of any organization or department that I am a member of....

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    Vinny Del Giudice
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    Good points Terry! Anyone got an opinion? When I was active Vol FF/EMT 1985-1992 never experienced such problems with PD. Vinny.

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    Hello, I am a F/F PARAMEDIC/ Peace Officer, yep all three, first we have to have a open Line of communications with all depts, as a Paramedic I can see that point, Get to the call as quickly and SAFELY as possible, as a Peace Officer I can see that point, was the driver of the EMS unit acting responsably for the type of call, was the Driver Endangering other Lives, Last Year I was on Duty in a Law Enforcement Role, I recived a page for a Medical call, in route a Vol from our Dept Passed me running 94mph in a 40mph zone,, Yep he got a ticket and suspended from the Dept,,, No matter which hat we wear we cannot endanger others lives or act unresponsibly just because we have Red Lights and Sirens,, There may be serious problems in the City Mentioned between Depts, I was not there I cant say who was Right or Wrong,, but each has a duty to the public to Serve and Protect.... Just my Opinion...

    Here today for a Safer Tomorrow

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    Well, unfortunatly no matter how carefull we say we are...some (including me at times) are guilty at one point or another are guilty of "stepping it up". In NYS the V&T law states that no emergency vehicle shall exceed the speed limit by anymore than 10 miles an hour over the posted limit. Though there is no excuse for volunteers (remember a member responding in a personal vehicle is not an emergency vehicle) we here in Jefferson County have been lucky in our relationship with most law enforcement. There have been times that some of us have had a business card left on our winsheild by the time we got back from the deputy "catching" us in the act with a small note telling us to slow down. I live inside the city and volunteer for my fire company as an "out of district" member. Our city PD has been generous on more than one occasion to the volunteer members of the surrounding depts that live inside the city and those who respond through the city. Common sense must prevail in reguards to traffic congestion, weather and "seriousness" of the call.



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    Red face

    In our dept. at present we have good relations we the local S.O. But some of are mutual aid dept. are not so lucky. Even through minutes count, you can't endanger the public by responding reckless or driving to fast. Our dept. has a max. speed limit of 10 miles per hour over the posted speed limit. And if you are caught exceeding that you will be suspended for 1 month on the first offense. Don't have one for the second because no one has been caught twice. A fire fighter who doesn't make it to the scene doesn't help the dept. or theirself.

    Good Luck
    Craig Lambert

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    We have a great relationship with our towns Pd and Surrounding towns Pd. Fire/Ems Crews have enough common sense to take it easy when responding to calls. Maybe once in a while you step it up a little when that alarm for a Working Fire Comes in But.. Other than that the towns are usually good to the Fire/Ems workers.

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