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    Justin Gershon Guest

    Talking Federal Q2B

    Hey i just wanted to say the Federal Q2B or the "Q" is the best dam siren in the world. it wouldn't be a firetruck if you didn't have it. hell I've seen a rig with 2 of them on there. you gotta love the Q

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    Vinny Del Giudice Guest


    Right on!

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    Engine508 Guest


    FEDERAL Q'S are the best siren out there. I agree a firetruck isnt a fire truck without a Federal..we are looking into getting one put on our truck.we have the siren just no place to mount the thing. We are deciding where to put it yet. But anyway I love the sound of the Q. Especially a Q with the air horn haha Well gotta go be safe

    "You Go....We Go"

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    MVFD108 Guest


    I also agree,all of our trucks with the exception of one has Federal Q,The only one that doesn't has a Mars siren,They say they ordered like that due to amperage draw,anybody know the difference in draw in a Federal vs. Mars just wondering

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