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    Hey guys, I have an old bell in my office that I managed to acquire a couple of years ago, and there's a running discussion with my wife about it's value. It came from an American LaFrance, 1951 or 52 model ladder. It's complete with chrome plated brass foot pedestal and eagle top. (I'm not sure, but the eagle may be either silver or pewter.) Anybody got any ideas on the going rate among collectors for such an item? Oh, and it's NOT FOR SALE! Just trying to get an idea of it's value.

    James A. Whitfield, Jr., MCEM
    Sunflower County Fire Coordinator
    Indianola, Missisippi
    (662) 887-6253

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    Vinny Del Giudice Guest


    I would contact SPAAMFAA, the antique fire collectors association. They are on the web. They can probably help. Happy holidays. Vinny.

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