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    Styles Guest

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    For all you personell who have experience under you belt.

    My name is Ivan, I am 17 years old, and a Fire/EMS Explorer for my fire district in Washington State. Currently I am attending a community college for my general AA and also taking classes to receive my Fire Science and Fire Command Degrees. I am requiring some assistance in making my next move in my firefighting carreer. My question I pose to you is:
    Should I stay with my district and become a volunteer, while getting my Fire Degrees. OR, should I go to a four year university, get a bachlours in Bussiness Management, and serve as a resident firefighter on campus.
    This is really tough for me to decide what to do since they are equally appealing to me.
    I would really appreciate your responses.

    With many thanks,
    Ivan Hueter

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    e33 Guest


    Choose the latter, go to school and live at the firehouse. I regret not doing that. The local vol dept wont likely get u anywhere in life..I can vouch for that! Good luck.

    The opinions and views expressed herin are solely mine and not on the behalf of any department or organization I belong to.

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    Tinylad Guest


    Tough question indeed. I can't really agree with e33. I have been a volly for 10 years now and regret none of it. I personally never went paid because i can't stand looking at the same four walls all day hoping for a call. Or as others have put it "hours and hours of boredom interrepted by moments of shear panic." A volunteer fire house is the greatest assemblance of expertise. In it you will find many possibilities. And when ever you need help with something you cant do there is always someone there who does.
    Being a paid firefighter is great but I know many who have done it and gotten burned out. By getting your degree, you can do other things in the emergency field that will pay more and take you farther. Such as investigator, research, prevention and developement.
    The real answer to your question is follow your heart. You are young enough to do something now and change your mind later. Life is ever changing and to short not to follow your dreams.
    Best of luck to you Lad in what ever you decide. Be safe.

    Be Safe All

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    JAKE28 Guest


    In making a choice like that , I would go with where can get the most runs,and what is really important to me is the other firefighters at the station. At least with my department it can make or break a good attitude toward the job. Keep up with the books and good luck to you. BE SAFE STAY LOW.

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    jmatthe7 Guest


    Go to the 4 year school and get your degree. Then seek employment at a fire department. That degree will open doors for you as your career progresses. My department will soon mandate 4 year degrees for Captains and Associates for Lt's.
    The question rages on.. Does a degree mean more than experience. I believe experience is very important for a firefighter, but what is learned in college is just as big a benefit to comapny officer as experience. I have seen Co's write letters to the administration requesting funding for a project that were embarressing!

    Get your education now, learn the job on the way to your degree.

    Lt. J. Matthews

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    E21 Guest


    Getting and education will help you better yourself. Getting experince with the vol. fire dept will help as well. Just remmber if your in a fire and need help, wich do you want the man with a 4 year degree or the one with experince. Then you also want to decide what to do with your life, own a buisness and vol. or be a paid FF. You could still own a buisness as a paid FF. Paid depts in my area usaully want you to be FF1 certified before they hire you. Its your life and choose whats best for you these are just my opinions. As for e33 maybee his dept wont get him anywere but most others will. Dont listen to that.

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