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Thread: Manufacturers!

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    Curt Dawson
    Firehouse.com Guest

    Question Manufacturers!

    Does any one know of the web page address for the following fire engine manufacturers.Hahn,Howe,Van Pelt.Please let me know.Thanks so much!
    Curt Dawson


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    Firehouse.com Guest



    To the best of my knowledge, all of the manufactures you mentioned have ceased production of their apparatus. I believe Hahn stopped producing fire engines in 1990. I don't think any of these manufacturers had or still have websites. However, I have found a site belonging to the Harrison Hills Fire Company on which they have a page with listings of Hahn apparatus on the East Coast and links to their sites. The link is the following: http://www.ak-valleynet.com/harrisonhillsvfc/hahn.htm

    Hope this helps!

    Stay safe!
    -Jim (j6200)

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    Wow...talk about pulling this post from the basement!

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