The Maple Shade Rescue Service, Inc. was established in 1958. It covers a town in Burlington County, NJ approximately 3.5 square miles with a population of approximatley 25,000. We have 5 vehicles. 1084-Mobile canteen and rehab unit. 1085-Captain's car and first response. 1088-Equipped with 30 KW generator specializing in lighting and is the emergency back up for Burlington County Central Communications and all Burlington County Hospitals. 1089-55' bucket truck w/deluge and heavy rescue. And, 1087-light and medium rescue. We also have one marine unit. We currently have an active membership of 15 active members, and 4 cadets. The unit originated as a civil defense unit, and when it changed to rescue in the mid-70's they kept the disaster control and remain one of the few units in the area still specializing in disaster control. We responded to 19 calls caused by Hurricane Floyd. We are also expanding in to new fields. We are currently training a search and rescue dog, as well as a search and rescue team. We also have a high angle rescue team. Many of our mutual aid calls stem from our canteen, which is the only mobile canteen in the area. We also have over 80,000 watts of lighting including 2, 5,000 watt tv tubes, one of which can be hooked to our bucket truck and light up large areas, or the inside of collapsed structures. We provide support to both the first aid squad and fire department in town, and to any organization requiring assistance any time, any where. We have provided mutual aid in the past as far north as new york, and as far south as Atlantic City. We look forward to many more years of service to our community, and always to those who need us.
We are active members of the NJ State First Aid Council, the Burl County First Aid council, the NJ State and Burlington County Fire Police Assoc's.

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