We cover 57 1/2 sq mi in St. Louis County MO and about 140,000 residents. We have 94 uniformed and 3 civilian personnell. Fire stations and equipment as follows:

Station 1: Sutphen 100' platform (2000gpm pump, 500 gal tank), Saulsbury Heavy Rescue, ALS ambulance, reserve Pierce Arrow pumper(1250 gpm pump, 750 gal tank).

Station 2: Sutphen pumper(1250 gpm pump, 750 gal tank), ALS ambulance, brush truck, Rescue boat.

Station 3: Sutphen 75' quint (1500 gpm pump, 750 gal tank), 3000 gal SEMO tanker (450 gpm ppump), reserve Pierce Arrow pumper (1250 gpm pump, 750 gal tank), Reserve Pierce Dash rescue, brush truck, ALS ambulance, reserve ALS ambulance.

Station 4: Sutphen 75' quint (1500 gpm pump, 500 gal tank), ALS ambulance, battalion chief quarters.

Station 5: 1800 gal Ferarra pumper/tanker (1500 gpm pump), technical rescue support vehicle.

Manning for all pumpers/ladders is 3, 4 for the rescue and 2 on each ambulance. All equipment is ALS equipped and manned. We run about 5,000 calls per year with 60% EMS. We are currently ISO 4, but will be regraded within the next six months and we should improve. Feel free to contact me at davekupfer@hotmail.com

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