I work a very unique fire department, The California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection. CDF is the third largest fire departments in the United States of America, just behind FDNY and Chicago FD.
CDF has direct responsibility for the protection of more than one third of California.
CDF has 21 administrative units with:
637 fire stations,
1036 fire engines,
13 Air Attack bases
9 Helicopter bases
13 aerial trucks,
105 rescue units,
195 crew vehicles,
19 air tankers,
11 helicopters,
195 hand crews,
58 dozers,
6 haz mat units,
12 major incident management teams,
5 mobile communication units,
11 mobile kitchens,
CDF responds to over 7200 fires and over 250,000 non-fire emergencies each year. CDF is a unique fire department because in addition to being the state agency responsible for suppressing the states considerable wildland fire problem, CDF provides emergency services through cooperative fire protection agreements in 34 of the 58 counties in California. The CDF Office of the State Fire Marshal is responsible for guiding the educational curriculum and requirements for all fire service personnel in the State of California. In addition CDF’s major incident management team provide incident management on major disasters throughout California.