Center Moriches (pronounced like "more itches") is located on Long Island's south shore approximately 70 miles east of New York City (right at the beginning of the South fork of Long Island). We're famous for Long Island Duck, and, most recently, the downing of TWA Flight 800.

The CMFD is comprised of approximately 100 members, all of which are volunteer. CMFD provides both Fire and EMS service.

Equipment includes 3 engines, 1 truck, 1 heavy rescue, 1 tanker, 1 brush truck, 2 ambulances and 2 chief cars (crown vics).

This year we have run approximately 1100 calls combined (Fire and EMS).

The fire district employs 5 full time dispatchers, as well as a daytime EMT to supplement the volunteers.

EMS provides both BLS and ALS to the community with a staff of 20 EMT-D's, EMT-CC (Intermediate) and Paramedics. Average response time is <4 minutes from the time the call is received to the time a unit is on location.

(Rev) John G. Fleischmann, FF, EMT-D, Chaplain & EMS Captain