Orem City Fire Department serves 90.000 people out of three stations serving an area of 16 square miles. We also Contract and protect the City of Vinyard.

We are a full-time, full service agency that responds to over 8000 calls per year. We have the following equipment:

FS #1
1991 Pierce 1500 GPM
1979 Sufphen 85 Foot ladder truck
1996 Wheeled Coach Paramedic Rescue
1985 Dodge 4X4 Snow Plow (Utility)
1998 Crown victoria Police cruiser
Tactical Arson Responce unit
Reserve Paramedic Rescue

FS #2

1987 E-One 1500 GPM
2000 Pierce Lance Unit due in 60 days
1996 Wheeled Coach Paramedic Rescue
2000 4X4 Wheeled Coach due in 60 days
1995 Heavy Rescue/Extrication unit
1992 Ford 4X4 Brush unit
1997 Crown Victoria Police Cruiser

FS #3

1995 Pierce Lance 1500 GPM
1973 Mack 1250 GPM Reserve Engine
1996 Wheeled Coach Paramedic Rescue
1996 Hazardous Materials/Swift water Rescue unit
Reserve Paramedic unit
1984 Dodge 4X4 Brush truck
1998 Crown victoria Police Cruiser

We are in the process of the completion of a 5 million dollar Public Safety Headquarters building that will house all Police and Fire Administrations. In addition we have Automatic and Requst aid with 5 other jurisdictions.

Orem City Fire Department is one of Two departments in our County that are full-time paid agencies. There are 22 other Cities that are volunteer.