Baltimore County FD is a combination department. Each paid station is seperate from Volunteer stations, although we run equipment and personnel on the same calls. Currently it consist of 5 Battalions. There are 4 shifts working a 2 day/2 night configuration.Protecting 610 square miles and 650,000 population. Budget of $50 million
26 Career Stations
33 Volunteer Station
24 Career Engines
7 Career Trucks
26 Career ALS Transport Units
8 EMS Supervisors
6 Volunteer Trucks
8 Heavy Rescues (Volunteer)
1 Haz-Mat Co.
2 Satellite Haz-Mat Co.s
3 Collapse/Technical Rescue Co.s
3 Air/Cascade Units

I hope I haven't missed anything!! If so feel free to edit.

Michael R. Rehfeld
Baltimore County, Maryland
IAFF Local 1311