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    I am an architecture student in university of Michigan and having a Firhouse design project now, I have some questions concerning design and hope you guys can help!

    1) Are there any time (or distance) limit for you from the start of the call to you actually reach the engin during daytime and at night?

    2) For the vertical pole from living quarter to the engine bay, should the pole near the bedroom, office or living room?

    3) Since the site for the project is very constrained, the firestation will be 3 floors, which rooms should at a higher floor (further away from the fire engine) and vice versa? (e.g. office, living room, gym, bedroom, lecture room, etc.)
    And, any other comment concerning the design of firehouse (2-bays, 1 engine and 1 ladder vehicle) will help you guys live and work better?
    Thank you very much for your advice!!!


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    Let's see...
    Ground Floor- you're pretty much stuck with having the apparatus down there. I'd also put the workout area there. Drive-through bays are good,too,if there's room in back.
    Second Floor- Bunkrooms, kitchen and dayroom. You can put the pole in the bunkroom, but it won't be too far from the dayroom. You can't put these areas any higher, because this is where we spend most of our time - as studly as we are, a three-story brass pole is a wee bit high. Make sure we're not going to land on equipment at the bottom of the pole.
    Third Floor- offices, meeting rooms, etc; the more "public" areas of the building.
    More thoughts:
    Having it arranged the above way would allow the greatest privacy possible for the firefighters, without making getting to the equipment too much of a pain, at any time during the shift.
    Plan for at least a couple of upstairs bathrooms if you can. This allows the people who get the willies at the idea of sharing a bathroom with a whatever-they're-not to have some privacy. Regardless, enclose the showers individually and completely, and don't even bother putting urinals in if there's not a a stall wrapped around them. There should be a public-access potty downstairs.
    How are you going to provide handicapped access to the third floor? Public building, remember.

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    Fema has a book covering this subject " Design guidelines for Fire & EMS Stations" you can get it for free off thier site.

    It might have some good info for you.

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