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    Talking Marion Township Fire department Marion Ohio

    i would like to profile My paid department;
    we are a small township fire department of 23 full time firefighters represented by IAFFlocal 2134, and 7 part time firefighters, we also have 4 dispatchers, 1 chief, and 9 motorized pieces of apparatus including:
    1 1967 Mack c-95 1000 gpm engine
    1 1995 Pierce sabre 1500 gpm engine
    1 1990 Sutphen 75' 1500 gpm quint
    1 1993 ford/horton squad
    1 1983 chevy/horton squad,
    1 1980 chevy cheyenne c-10 rescue/air
    1 1974 ford c-8000 200 gal tanker
    1 1972 dodge powerwagon 300 gal tank 250gpm pump grass truck
    and 1 1998 ford explorer 4x4 chiefs car.
    we are working on a webpage will update you when its finished.

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    Default Funny, I was born in Marion, Ohio in 1955....

    Sounds like you've got some kind of Fire Protection organization working out there. I saw a little news piece about some of your people that were hit by passing vehicles while working a traffic accident some while back-hope they all came through that okay!
    How is that little town doing? My family moved away when I was quite young and don't have much of a recollection of the place! We ended up out here in California and half my family are Firefighters now....funny how things happen

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