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    Post Durham NC Opens New Station

    Durham NC Fire Department opened the doors for operation for fire station #14 located in northern Durham City on Umstead Road, at the corner of Umstead and Russell Road. Friday was the first day of operation for Engine 14 out of their new home. Engine 14 has been operating for the last couple of years out of station #7 with Engine 7 until their station could be completed. Engine 7 was also replaced on Friday with the department's first quint. This brings the DFD to a total of thirteen operating stations (Engine 8 is currently housed at station #3 with Engine 3 until a location can be decided upon for their new station.) DFD has plans for several new stations in the next couple of years. Priorities are being put on new station #8 in the Grove Park subdivision, and possibly station #15 being located either in the southern part of the city in the Parkwood subdivision, or in the northern part of the city in the Treyburn subdivision. DFD currently operates with 13 engines, 1 quint, 4 ladders, 3 squads, 1 haz-mat, 1 mobile support, 2 battalion chiefs, 1 tactical rescue support vehicle, 1 water rescue truck with 2 boats, and 1 on-duty safety officer. DFD has approximately 300 firefighters working 56 hour work weeks. DFD runs approximately 18,000 calls a year (fire & EMS), with one of the highest rates of working fires per capita in the state, if not on the East Coast.

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    On Monday, Engine 14 operating on the third day at their new station got a working house fire. Engine 14 arrived to find heavy smoke coming from the gable ends of a house. Upon venting the roof, the attic was found to be charged with fire. The fire was extinguished and crews cleared in a little over an hour. Please see the Firehouse Forums FireWire for more information on this and other Durham Fire Department workers.

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    Wabash Express?? Shouldn't it be The Wabash Cannonball? Grow Durham, grow.
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