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    I believe that "Third Watch" will last. At first I didn't think much of the show, but as I continued to watch, I was hooked. I do however think that these type shows need to be more true to life. Take "Emergency" for instance (for those of you that remember it), there was a true to life Fire/EMS show. Those guys handled each and every incident just like we do today. I watch it everytime I get the chance (4:00 pm EST, on TVLAND). I will be watching Sunday night, you can bet on that. It is time we get and keep a show like this. Lets face it, the Rescue 77's, LA Firefighters, etc....they only make our profession look bad.

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    SEE YA' A'' @ THE BIG ONE!!!!!

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    Watched Third Watch. I was a rookie when Emergency premired on tv. Emergency served its purpose in the 70's, and has so far proved better than anything Hollywood has produced since, especially rescue 77. I think with the writers from er behind the program it has a chance. Realistic situations and real personalities might make this a hit, but time will tell. I liked the peanut butter on the bottom of the boot trick. Yall keep your leather together.

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    I hope the producers of this show read this forum so that they will get the message that the firefighters on this show should be portrayed in a more positive manner. We do much more than sit around and wait for fires (most of the time we are standing around on the scene of medical calls waiting for EMS to show up!) Show more fires and firefighters in action! (by the way, did anyone happen to notice that the brother from Engine 57 is wearing a Boston F.D. shield on his helmet?)

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    I watched Third Watch again tonight and even though it is a good show, I am very dissapointed that there has been almost no firefighting in either episode. The EMS people and the Police Officers out there must be happy with all the exposure that they are getting. Meanwhile, the Firefighters are almost non-existant.<S> As far as television is concerned, I think the show is very good. You have to look at it with an open mind or you will be dissapointed. Those of us who do the job and are more informed than the general public will find all kinds of things wrong with the show, like EMS parking right in front of the fire building. I hope that the have some episodes planned that deal more with the fire side in the future.

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    Well, take a look at the cast guys. Seriously. We have paramedics and police. There's almost no fire fighters in the cast, except for the sleazy ex. Not really 'in' the program.

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    I loved it! Remember its a TV show, not really life.Of course somethings are fictional and would never happen. Its the closes thing right now to a show relating to the Fire service that might make a year on the air. Keep watching.

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    Well, at least the "station" didn't have raquetball courts!. (I still miss Code Red). I challenge Mr. Webmaster to post an address that we could Email OUR stories, real or sounded sorta good after a few beers. See if we can be the Technical Advisors, that would be fun. "Next on 3rd Watch...A cop lights a flare for traffic control when an 8" natural gas line is cut by the city water department...who will survive!

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    "Third Watch" will do good, as long as the producers and FDNY & NYPD work together. If the real facts are shown and not the "Hollywood" stuff, it will be a hit.

    The other TV programs that had the Fire Department as the main theme, never hit off. since they were always controled by the producers and the fire department, had very little say in the show.

    Good luck, I have liked the show so far.

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    I watched the sunday night broadcast of TW, a friend recorded the thursday program and have not had a chance to watch. I was impressed with the real time aspect of the program. Good interaction between all parties and good movement from one group to another without loosing the story line. I think that this in its infancy is showing the diversity of such a complex emergency service system in one of the largest cities in the world.

    It will never be middle america or small town USA and anyone who expects it to be will always be disappointed.

    I feel it did a good job of portraying the inner needs and conflicts of persons on the job. The paramedics each examining themselves and their performance when one of their own was shot and how nobody really knew what each other had done in the heat of the moment when seconds seem like days but are in the end a blur of action. How much can any of you reading this remember of the details of action in a fast moving incident that you were involved in??????

    The paramedic giving a friend a vest in the suggestion that she protect herself. Her conflicts with wearing it. Should she put up with the discomfort of wearing it? She knows it will provide protection. Be Honest! What would you do?

    Many said that ER would not survive and yet we found ourselves glued to it week after week and this show has the same potential.

    I think that the writers have started something that is likely to survive as long as they listen to some criticism, give the fire guys a little more exposure and don't get too wild in the big ones. I think that the balance is about right at this time. The old smoke-eaters don't like to admit it but today we do a lot more medical and rescue than we do firefighting. The show should show that balance. It should show the mundane drunks, cuts and scrapes, garbage fires in stairwells and burning autos in the street. Those are real. The audience will agree.

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    Red face

    I taped the Sunday show because the best show on tv was on. "Touched by an Angel" Then I watched the 2nd episode. This one was much better than the 1st. More personal situations. Still not enough Fire side. I'll call it an OK show that I will watch but not go out of my way to watch. Like I did "Emergency" at age 10. Reactions have been very interesting to read. We take our "job" very seriously and that's GOOD. Take Care everyone.

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    Ok, I really think this show is more true to life than most are giving it credit for. For instance, a Blue Canary parking his car right in front of a burning building (only would have been better if they were in front of the hydrant.)

    Second, no matter how we look at it EMS is currently the bread and butter of the Emergency Services. Now I can't speak eloquently of FDNY procedures, however, it would be more realistic if an Engine Co was dispatched for EMS runs as well (I think that is pretty much standard in most areas).

    Thirdly, Firefighters in general get no recognition from anyone unless their house is burning. Everyone sees cops and EMTs because there are far more calls for their assistance then there are building fires. So as in real life, the firefighters remain the unknown, unsung heros.
    I do suspect that the writers will add in more fire related scenes as the show goes on, but they had to get people hooked and lets face it, police and EMS shows are watched by millions and so it only makes sense to try to bring those folks on board before expanding to include more fire fire fighting.

    Finally, I grew up on Emergency, I used to watch it all the time with my dad, used to make the noise of the station tone when dipatching my Hot Wheels Engine 51, Squad 51 replicas (still do) and can probably attribute a lot of my love for the Fire Service to that show (and hanging out in Boston Fire Stations). That said, if you want to watch that show today critically, you could have a field day. First every call utilizes the Paramedics as the primary rescuer, the other FFs simply stand and wait until Johnny or Roy tell them what to do, not to mention that everything can be fixed with 20cc of D5W, etc. I love that show and am not bashing it in any way, I am just saying that TV shows are just that and we have to take them (or in the case of LA Firefighters leave them) for what they are worth. I like these shows because when it comes to the Emergency Medical Service helping others (real or on TV) always sends a shiver up my spine. I say Good Luck to First Watch, you have my vote and both of my thumbs up. And if you can, add in some more Fire Service scenes...thanks.


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    This show is HORRIBLE!!I am a career volunteer firefighter on Long Island, New York and work in Manhattan. I have many friends who are New York City firemen, cops and ems techs. No one, BUT NO ONE.. talks, acts or does the ridiculous things they portray on this awful program. It's not even filmed in Manhattan! It is truly an insult to the hard working members of all the emergency service groups in NYC and around the country. Take it off.


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    We are dealing with three services here- police, ems, fire. Home many times have you ran more calls on an engine than an ambulance? or responded to more calls than the police... WE DONT!! however, when we are called into action it requires more effort. This is why we work 24 hr shifts (mostly). If we worked 24 hr shifts as cops or medics we would die. i dont ever want to be a cop and i would rather be on an engine or ladder than the ambulance.... what i am trying to say is that on the avg. we run alot more ems than fires... and the cops run alot more squaters, drunks and ****ters than we do...

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    I was really hoping that the language would be a little better. I really don't want my little buddy talking like the firefighters on TV. Too much to ask for?

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    I am truely hoping that many of my firefighting and EMS friends pray for quick end to "Third Watch".Of the many thing I find too phony are the following.
    1.Sirens on vehicles are all the same.
    2.Language.Way too clean.
    3.Good looking women.Not in my house....or for that matter any house in my county that I can think of.Most even a bottle of Jack would not even make look good.
    4.No dents or scratches in the trucks.
    5.These guys do not even sweat when they get nervous.
    6.Giving Drugs to the homeless...what the hell is this?

    Face it friends,this is a show that should be cancelled as soon as possible.The producers will not show what is really like on the streets because they either do not know or the public really does not want to know.

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    I think that we're being a little too critical. Of course there are a few unrealistic things on the show...how many cop shows are on TV? And how many of them are completely true to life? You have cops that work one murder case in an hour show...the reality is that they probably work on several cases over the period of a day...If you watched the interviews and previews about this show, you saw that it was about "relationships"...amongst Fire/EMS/Police, etc. It is a microcosm of society...we can talk all we want about professional demeanor amongst co-workers, but we all know that when it all boils down to it, partners talk dirty to each other, cops ogle the women that they pull over, and we use tasteless humor...we do this to survive. I think Third Watch has hit the nail on the head...I'll keep watching...it makes my world of reality a little more tolerable...

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    I think the show was good. We all have to remember this is a drama for TV. ER people can point out problems with ER just like we can with this show. Lets sit back and enjoy the show for its entertainment value, maybe it will help with positive image of emergency services. If everyone wants to talk about a profession that has been showed wrong by TV lets talk about dispatch, did anyone die on Rescue 911!!!

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    Just wanted to let E54R54 know that there is beautiful women in the fire service. I am one of them, and everybody in my department would tell you the same. Sorry your not so fortunate... As for the show, I like it. I would like to see more of the fire service involved, but I do like how the show examines in the inner feelings that we all deal with after a major event occurs.

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    I am amazed at all of the criticizm. " It is not like that on the streets"....Last I checked almost all the bios of everyone responding are not from the " streets" were this is taking place. The above responses are a reflection of the fire service today. We always shoot ourselves in the foot with our comments. Here is an oppurtunity to put us in some good light, and everyone is just whining about it. Way to critical. Do any of you realize we are not watching a documentary. Do you think ER an NYPD Blue are "exactly" like the people they portray..of coarse not. Get a grip people and enjoy the show. And next time you are working the " streets" of a big city than you may have a bitch.

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