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    I like the show. Its about time they produce a show where all three agencies of public servince work together. I would like to see more story lines involving FDNY.

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    ALright so whoever caught TW this Sunday and didn't laugh their butt off when the Squad was stolen and there was the 12 mph chase should have funny bone checked. Again, I agree there should be more Fire scenes, but going back to EMERGENCY, I think ENGINE 51 left that station about once per show as well, I hope the writers/producers read this and add in a little more FDNY.

    I have one question about EMERGENCY...did anyone ever die on that show? I can't recall them ever losing a patient.


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    I think NBC has done a good job w/ Third Watch. I agree there needs to be more fire/rescue involvment, hopefully we'll see more. Remember, it's a TV drama; for real-life action nobody beats TLC/TDC & A&E. I grew up on Emergency as well, and after some of the recent deplorable attempts at fire related dramas, Third Watch is a breath of fresh air. Enjoy and stay safe.

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    the show looks good so far however it will
    probably turn into another nypd blue or another police drama. they did not cover the fire dept as much as we would like. it does show promise if they lean more in the direction of fire service and away from the police action.

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    FF/EMT 19
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    I only had the chance to watch the third episode and I was not impressed. I cannot figure out why Hollywood cannot make a series on TV about emergency service providers without making it look phoney. I do not know if any of the producers or directors rode along with any emergency service before they made this show, but it appears they did not. If they had they would quickly see that life on the streets is exciting and entertaing enough without some unbelievable script.

    If they can make a series that is close to realty as cencorship would allow they may end up having a hit on they're hands. Shows like Emergency and Adam 12 did not stay on TV as long as they did because thay were unbelievable. This looks like a another cop show with medics thrown in to eat up time.

    This show right now is not worth the effort to find the remote control to turn it on and in my house that's a helluva effort.

    Stay Safe

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    Red face

    I have read most of the messages that have been posted about Third Watch. They are very interesting. I just want to know if everyone has forgotten the people we work with that are burnt out, that aren't professional all the time, and those who are just in it for the title. Have we forgotten that we are only human and make mistakes. Are we afraid of the show because it shows that we are humans and we get upset, are happy at times, and we have bad day's. It's better then people believing that we can save everyone and never get upset when we lose someone. That's what Rescue 911 and Emergency shows them. Yes, Emergency is probably the best show so far, but give this a chance. IT'S ONLY A TV SHOW. Watch it for entertainment, for real life go do your job. Thanks.

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    Captain Hickman
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    I got to watch the first two programs and I'll have to say I was a little disappointed, but still pleased with the show. I have to admit it's a lot better than some of the newer emergency related shows, excluding those which go into the hospital and show the real world. For those shows, it take a certain type of person to watch. Their not geared to be a family type program. Granted parts of Third Watch are not for all members of the family, but what on TV now days is. It's interesting to see some of the Stuff which goes on in the world of entertainment. Much like the real world..a lot of Stuff really does go on and we're not proud of it or would not admit it. Firefighters giving out drugs? Several years ago I remember a story were an entire station was caught dealing. Who knows what the writers have in mind? Maybe that individual is being setup for a fall in a later program. Reguardless of what we do or do not like about the show, I take it for what it is, A SHOW. Good or Bad it's hard to please everyone, but that's entertainment. Some of us which have been in the fire service can remember when things were black and white. You could get fired on the spot for a screw up. But with todays CYA attitudes, things go a lot farther than they use to or should. Screwups are in great numbers within the fire service. Have you never seen a rig, ambulance, cop car, chief vehicle, or anything else in the wrong place?
    If your department is perfect, contact the writers and maybe they'll follow you around.
    Bet they'll catch a mistake somewhere on camera.

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    Just watched tonite's episode. I was unable to see the first few shows, because of work. After this episode, I agree with everyone, a pretty poor display of firefighters. I hope it improves soon...

    Terry McCall, Jr.
    Marbletown Volunteer FD
    Newark, N.Y.

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    FF McDonald
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    I have read all of the replies that have been posted to date. I have this to say.

    It frustrates me, all of the people posting replies that say,"It's not like Emergency...." Hey-- maybe if they wanted it to be like 'Emergency'- they would have filmed it in LA County in the seventy's, and they would have saved every person they came across. This show is not 'Emergency'.

    While I don't like the show 100%, I do find it entertaining. You have to take it for what it is-- Television, and entertainment. Yes, I do agree with a number of the replies that have been posted, I would like to see much more Fire, than what is currently being shown, but this is still only the third episode.

    You can all sit here and complain and gripe about what a horrible show this is, or you can use the computer that you are sitting in front of to read this, and try and e-mail the producers of this program. Tell them what they can do to change the program to make it better. Tell them what they are doing that hurt's the Fire service, and ask them not to continue doing it. You just might be amazed. Believe it or not, the pen is mightier than the sword.

    Stop complaining about how bad this show is. Help them make this show what it should be.

    'Emergency' was taken off the air when I was 4 years old. Yes, i watched the re-runs as a child, and yes-- I enjoyed the show. But how realistic was it. Compare the two show's and I think that you'll see what I am talking about.

    Here's hoping that NBC improves on a program that has tremendous potential, and what could be a huge public relations tool for the Fire, and Emergency services.

    Semper Fi.

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    Lt. Webb
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    I have watched the latest show tonite and then read most of the replies, FF & EMT are or should be in this line of work for the sick & injured people not for ourself gratification. Why are we the first to belittle our other FF brothers or fighting among ourselves. This show will help let the outside world see SOME of what we see and do every day, some good some bad. If we want the public to look at us as professionals we MUST act like it and look out for each other. "If you don't love what you do with your whole heart - your in it for the wrong reasons" www.wallsfiredept.org

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    Captain Hickman
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    FF McDonald hit on the idea...
    Thought it might be interesting to send this Forum to NBC's Third Watch, so I did. Wonder if it gets a response from them.

    Maybe some of you have done it, but if you haven't, send them your thoughts. I'll bet they might find it interesting to see what you think.


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    I watched the third episode. I have to say it is getting more interesting each week. I only hope as I mentioned in my last reply; that we the firefighters don't become the reason for cancellation of the show. I think we all just need to settle down and give it a chance, and please everybody e-mail nbc with your thoughts. It can only help by letting them know that there isn't enough fire scenes. I do however want to touch on the fire scene from sunday's episode. The fire in the restaurant. That made "us" look like the axe wielding wrecking crew that some people think of us as. And the thing with the PD vs. the FD...well that goes on where I am from too. A little competition between the two doesn't hurt anything, but it needs to be known it is all in fun. Lets keep watching and see how it comes out.

    Stay Safe........LT156

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