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    Post 'Third Watch' Premieres on NBC

    What did you think of the premiere of NBC's new show, 'Third Watch'? Did it accurately reflect and portray the emergency services community? How about the EMS notion of "transporting" a patient to the clinic for an appointment ... is that positive or negative for the general public to see portrayed? How accurate was the action? Discuss it all right here!

    For more reviews, visit:

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    Third watch was pretty good. It will take a litle time to learn the characters and such, but I think it certainly has potential. I know there will be the negative neysayers out there who say that " it isnt really like that on the streets" Please remember it isnt COPS or a documentary on TLC or Discovery. It is a drama for network TV and if it makes the public a little more aware of what we do in a positive way than I will give it an A+. I will certainly be watching Sunday to see if the medic lives>

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    Thumbs up

    Considering that this was the start to a new show i think it was good..they r at least going to keep every one waiting till sunday to see if the medic lives or dies... For the most part I think the show is off to a good start and that it will be a hit at least with the die hard fire EMS people....like we dont get enough at our jobs but we come home to watch it on T.V!!!!!

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    Fire Mechanic
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    I guess I was hoping for more FD material. I think EMS and police have been pretty well covered on other programs. We will see what happens on Sunday though.

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    Watched the premiere of Third wathch last night-was suprised. I had not expected much. Granted, there could have been more of the fire side, but...Found the characterizations and drama really well done. This show sure is a long way from "Emergency". One old show I really enjoyed that you don't here much about was"Firehouse" with Richard Jaeckel(Didn't last too long). I'll definitely continue wathcing TW.


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    Speaking as someone who's seen the point of view from each angle, Police, Fire, and EMS, all I can say is the show rocked. NBC has definiatly got a hit on it's hands. :>

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    Thumbs down

    Gimme a break...
    The TV season is going to involve burnt-out cops, firehouse meals, and abused EMT's and paramedics? An entire television season of overused cliches, cop vs. perp antics, and firehouse meals?
    Sundays will be highlighted by the sound of
    make-believe sirens, maternity cases, and firehouse meals? The only true part was the cops yelling and screaming at the fire, as if they were the ones that started it, causing more panic than the fire itself.
    When was the last time both cops and and ambulance show up on the scene of a job in NYC? Probably never. The fire department gets there and the front of the building is full of cop cars and ambulances? (that actually has happened, but still...) Not too sure about the paramedics handing out prescription drugs in the street either.
    And for anyone who was curious and was about to ask where engine 57 is located, engine 57 does not exist, it was created for the show. Once again the FD doesn't get the credit they deserve.

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    Fire Escape 70
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    It had its moments. The cop who thought he was God should become a meter maid so we don't have to deal with watching that idiot's behavior.

    It's hard to escape reality and watch a show like this without being critical. When the ambulance pulled up to the structure fire, my only thought was "typical lizard luggers, parking their short bus in front of the job so the truck can't get in!"

    I laughed myself silly when they talked about taking meds from the departed and handing them out to the needy! Next week on Third Watch, the entire crew gets arrested for dispensing controlled medications!!

    At least it isn't half as bad as that fire show Fox had out a few years ago in L.A. Now that was a true disgrace to firefighting.

    I give it a "let's wait and see" rating.

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    Red face

    I was kind of disappointed. Will use the "wait and see" term also. Just like at work, too much EMS. Will watch Sunday to make my final decision on tuning in each week.
    I did see a realistic part; Police cars parked in front of a burning building. Looks like "Emergency" will still be the best ever.

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    D.C. Kron
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    Thumbs down

    It wasn't nearly as good as I expected. I'm going to need to see a lot more Fire Dept for me to keep watching.

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    Well, the show was not too bad. I must say that although the truck and engine do not exist(to my knowledge) the writers went to pretty good detail to come up with the rigs. I would like to see more fire than ems and pd. We shall see what happens. Don't park your meat wagon in front of a burning building!

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    BC White
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    If a network was going to put a solid fire/EMS/cop show on TV and make it successful....NBC would be it.
    A ride to the clinic.......why not....customer service, even in a big city, I agree. Drugs to the needy, a tough call. Maybe the clinic could help out here.
    Saw the bus take the front of the building on the fire, but the next shot looked like it was on the sidewalk (the truck made it anyway).
    Kind of like the cops added in, I think they are nuts anyway (take a dark-hot hallway any day over drugged out nut with a gun that will try to kill you then turn around and try to sue you.....I respect their job..... all donughts aside).
    Enjoyed the clown when the cops avoided the dog in the street!
    Showing EMS is good for the general public, after all, many fire departments are kept alive by EMS.
    But I too would like to see MORE fires and rescue.
    This show could be good for us (the fire service). I opened the LA Firefighters can of worms on this post many months ago, and thought it did a poor job at best of showing what we are all about. Many agreed.
    We could pick this show apart every week, but maybe we should ask non-firefighters what they think about the show.
    I'm a BIG Emergency fan, but think about this. Some of us were not quite old enough to be on the job when that show ran, yet we loved it. It even pushed some of us into the job....even if you did not want to be a para-god.
    If we had this forum back then, and were on the job, what would we post about it?
    I'll be watching this Sunday. Hope the guy lives and wears a vest the next time he takes in a GSW before the cops get there.
    I enjoyed the show with an open mind, understanding that no matter what was on the show, some would pick it apart.
    I hope it makes it.
    Who knows.....maybe this is the show that does for the next generation what Emergency did for ours.

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    A big Amen and ditto to what BC White said. I thought the show was very good. Sure it could have used a little more of the fire side of things and they may not get evrything right all the time, but it's a show not a training video. Actually seen some training videos that didn't get things right either. I too was a huge Emergency fan and wonder what would be posted about it back then. I too hope the show makes it and will be watching again.

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    I was glad to finnaly see a good interaction between the services all together. You got to remember though, that its for a Television audiance. The portrayal of Emergency workers is good but the ideas they portray might need to be improved. Meds on the street is a no-no like that is a no-no. Firefighters, where going to take a hit if all those guys do is sit on there buts at the station and go to an occasional call.
    Now, As a Fire and Safety Technician for the Studios in our area, They usually try to go out of there way to portray the lives of Emergency Workers properly. The feed back they usually get is from the people they see there most often. If they showed the public what alot of the services do in there daily routines, no one would watch. So theres always got to be an aire of excitement and drama to keep the attention of the Audiance. Doctors and Nurses will pich through ER Just as Cops pick at those shows that portray them down at the local Dunkin'. Lets try to watch this for the reason it is there for. To entertain us.

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    John Myers
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    Thumbs up

    I am for any stories, movies, books,tv shows etc. that has to do with firefighting/ems.I have been a volunteer for years and when Backdraft came out, well let's just say that my wife was ready to either divorce me or throw out the VCR(with tape included).I applaud any shows dedicated (in all fairness)to firefighters.

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    Thumbs down

    I wish Hollywood would get off this kick of of trying to make emergency service shows.The directors are doing us a great disservice by not showing how things really are on the streets.At fault are the technical directors for not speaking up and saying that this is not the way things are.
    I watched "Third Watch" and I will not watch it again.I wanted to puke.
    This is all we need "Baywatch" type shows for emergency service.Pass the barf bag,PLEASE!

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    hey, did anyone notice that there is no Engine 57 and Ladder 100! And i do think the fake sirens are kinda funny too. There must be one siren sound that all producers buy from some sound salesman !! Thay all are the same. I like that they actually use the appropriate apparatus...for the most part and the Gear is close too. I need to see more to decide..althogh i agree that it is kinda hollywoodish so far. we'll see

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    Red face

    I thought the show turned out ok until the giving away of free drugs to the homeless. Lets make it look like we are all drug dealers!!!! The rest of the show we will have to see if it stays REAL.

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    Thumbs up

    I think Third Watch is going to turn out to be a really good show. It was very realistic and serves as a good tribute to the people who do that job every day.
    I know there are people who are going to say negative things about the show like, Thats not real, Thats not how we do it in the streets, etc. But you have to keep in mind that the show is for entertainment. It is not a training or educational show.
    I give THIRD WATCH a big thumbs up ! !

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    Ok. Lets look at this.

    1. Yes, it's Hollywood.
    2. Yes, Hollywood has completely and totally wrecked the public's view of EMS'ing
    3. I forget number 3.
    4. It's a -TV- show. If you want real life, go watch the discovery channel. :>

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    Thumbs up

    I believe that "Third Watch" will last. At first I didn't think much of the show, but as I continued to watch, I was hooked. I do however think that these type shows need to be more true to life. Take "Emergency" for instance (for those of you that remember it), there was a true to life Fire/EMS show. Those guys handled each and every incident just like we do today. I watch it everytime I get the chance (4:00 pm EST, on TVLAND). I will be watching Sunday night, you can bet on that. It is time we get and keep a show like this. Lets face it, the Rescue 77's, LA Firefighters, etc....they only make our profession look bad.

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    Thumbs up


    SEE YA' A'' @ THE BIG ONE!!!!!

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    Watched Third Watch. I was a rookie when Emergency premired on tv. Emergency served its purpose in the 70's, and has so far proved better than anything Hollywood has produced since, especially rescue 77. I think with the writers from er behind the program it has a chance. Realistic situations and real personalities might make this a hit, but time will tell. I liked the peanut butter on the bottom of the boot trick. Yall keep your leather together.

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    I hope the producers of this show read this forum so that they will get the message that the firefighters on this show should be portrayed in a more positive manner. We do much more than sit around and wait for fires (most of the time we are standing around on the scene of medical calls waiting for EMS to show up!) Show more fires and firefighters in action! (by the way, did anyone happen to notice that the brother from Engine 57 is wearing a Boston F.D. shield on his helmet?)

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    Thumbs up

    I watched Third Watch again tonight and even though it is a good show, I am very dissapointed that there has been almost no firefighting in either episode. The EMS people and the Police Officers out there must be happy with all the exposure that they are getting. Meanwhile, the Firefighters are almost non-existant.<S> As far as television is concerned, I think the show is very good. You have to look at it with an open mind or you will be dissapointed. Those of us who do the job and are more informed than the general public will find all kinds of things wrong with the show, like EMS parking right in front of the fire building. I hope that the have some episodes planned that deal more with the fire side in the future.

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