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    Post Wildfire Documentary

    I have been told that a new documentary on Wildfire has been released in the US. It is in an IMAX (Mega Screen) Format. Could anyone give me some feedback on this documentary?


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    There is film in IMAX format called Fires in Kawait based on the out of control oil field fires. That is all I have heard of firefighting related. IMAX has a web page at www.imax.com with current and upcoming movies. Hope this helps?

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    The Discovery Channel put together an IMAX film called "Wildfire: Feel the Heat" that started hitting the IMAX theaters earlier this summer. So far is't only been shown in larger cities but looks like it will be in some of the smaller cities next year (and finally at a location close to me!) I saw previews of it at another IMAX show I saw and it looks good. You can check it out at: http://pictures.discovery.com/dppage.../wildfire.html

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