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    Lightbulb Firefighter Fairness

    There was a news story in Portland, Oregon 10/06/99 that posed the question: "Should firefighters be allowed to play basketball(contact activity)during their shifts?" Basketball/Ankle injuries were the 4th major cause of work related injuries Within the department. The Portland Fire Bureau Paid $101,000 toward these injuries. I am curious, is this accepted in other departments Or is it even fair? There was a Webpoll set up for community feedback to be announced 10/07/99 in the PM hours. So far the feedback leans 73% towards they should be able to use their time at their own descretion.

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    For us, we can not play backetball, in teams due to that same reason. Last year, we had a basketball mini-season between shifts. The chief rulled that the on duty shift can not play due to numerous injuries, due to playing.
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    My depatment Chief was forced to stop active basketball at the stations because of the same reason, Cost. BUT we can play non-contact basketball such as around the world or just shooting hoops.

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    No one has ever said that we cant play b-ball on duty. We have not had anyone hurt to bad. We are allowed to play after 5 on the weekdays and after 10 on the weekends. I know before I was hired they use to play other games ( kill ball ) but the old chief put an end to them becouse they were very rough, and it envolved other people who were not Firefighters. Plus b-ball is good for the body, is it not. Have a good day.

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