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    Post Bringing Out the Dead

    Bringing Out the Dead, starring Nicolas Cage, Patricia Arquette, John Goodman Ving Rhames and Directed by Martin Scorsese opens nationwide on October 22nd.
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    Visit their official site at:
    <a href="http://www2.bringingoutthedead.com/">http://www2.bringingoutthedead.com/</a>

    Sirens screaming and lights flashing, a New York City ambulance speeds through the night. Its drivers are paramedics working the graveyard shift -- men who come face-to-face with the dead and the dying on a daily basis. Burnt out from one too many nights on the job, they are nearly as broken as the bodies they haul through the streets. What keeps them going is their caustic sense of comedy, and an acrid view of a world which seems to have its surreal epicenter in Manhattan.

    "Bringing Out The Dead," starring Nicolas Cage and directed by Martin Scorsese, is a Paramount Pictures and Touchstone Pictures presentation. Produced by Scott Rudin and Barbara De Fina, the film also stars Patricia Arquette, John Goodman, Ving Rhames and Tom Sizemore. The film is executive produced by Adam Schroeder and Bruce S. Pustin, and is co-produced by Joseph Reidy and Eric Steel. The screenplay by Paul Schrader is based upon the novel by Joe Connelly. Paramount Pictures is part of the entertainment operations of Viacom Inc. Touchstone Pictures is part of the Buena Vista Motion Picture Group.

    Nicolas Cage plays EMS paramedic Frank Pierce. It is the early 1990's and New York has not yet undergone its renaissance of recent years. Surrounded by the injured and the dying, Frank is dwelling in an urban night-world, crumbling under the accumulated weight of too many years of saving and losing lives. The film follows Frank over the course of fifty-six hours in his life - two days and three nights on the job - as he reaches the very brink of spiritual collapse and redemption.

    Once the film is out ... or if you are lucky enough to get a sneak peak ... talk about it right here.

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    As a former paid medic ,I found "Bringing Out the Dead" very close to my experiences as a large city medic.Reminded me why I do not want to be a medic again.I think the film does a good job of showing the darker side of what we as firefighters and EMS personel have to deal with on the street and in our personal lives.This film will take many back to EMS before the days of stress manegement counseling.Nick Cage does a good job of being a burntout medic.

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    I went and saw that movie the other night with two friends of mine. Both of them are EMT-D's. I didn't like the movie at all, there were maybe 2 funny parts to it and I thought that it portrays paramedics as Drunken idiots that ask family members of their dead &/or dying pts. to "Put on some music." All of the college kids that were in the place thought that it was great. I guess that I was overly critical but I am thinking from the aspect of the lay person seeing this film and then calling for a rig on day. If I were a lay person and called for a rig I'd be scared after seeing this movie. Especially with some of the good reviews it has gotten about how true it is (If you're burned out and been in the system 20 years maybe). I have NEVER EVER seen any of my fellow paramedics show up with even a hint of alcohol on their breath. I think that the movie was very disgraceful. They could have done much better then they did and not portrayed us as alcoholics that drive to calls downing a bottle of "scotch."



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    I thought "Bringing out the Dead" was accurate as to the type of calls that we are often dispatched to, but I could have done without the Hollywood Hype. EG: Everytime the defibrillator is used, the audience hear a loud 'bang'. I'm wondering how much of the public is now going to think it's not working if they don't hear the noise.

    As to the driving antics and purposely damaging an ambulance to take it out of service, well, we all know what a wonderful image that projects.

    On the good side, I did get a few laughs at some of the situations. This seems to be a film that can only be fully understood by EMS "insiders"

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