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    Question NYPD Blue Overreaction

    Do you think that FDNY is over re-acting to the NYPD Blue episode where there was a theft of a Rolex and a ring from a corpse by a firefighter.

    see link http://www.msnbc.com/local/WNBC/660452.asp

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    I would hope that my union and city would back the firefighters up in the same circumstance.
    But, like the story on the site said, corrupt police officers have been portrayed many times. And I'm sure we have all known someone that isn't trusted totally, like it or not.
    However, now that their opposition has been voiced, the issue should be dropped.
    Point taken.

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    I dont know if anyone saw it, but i saw a few minutes of a show, I believe it was Nash Bridges. In the show, it showed an apparant jewlery store fire. F.D. showed up, evacutated the building and proceeded to rob the store. They shot the manager when he discovered him and then they fled. I didnt see the rest of the show. maybe somebody else did.

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    I just saw Entertainment Tonight's coverage on this NYPD Blue episode. Dennis Franz gave a half-a**ed apology, but there was a producer that was a former cop that was really a twit. He boldly stated that firefighter are "just thin-skinned", and basically displayed a "get over it" attitude. He then stated that many officers called him with similar stories to support his story! I think that bothers me more than anything. He not only slapped firefighters in the face with the production of the episode, he delivered a sharp knee to the groin with these comments.

    To paraphrase Andy Scipowitz's (Dennis Franz's) line from the episode..."That arrogant hump!!"

    Steve Gallagher
    Chillicothe (Ohio) Fire Department

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    I know that the action that was portrayed in the NYPD BLUE episode did actually happen, but it didn't happen in NY. I believe that it occurred with another major Metropolitan FD-- I think it was Detroit, but I am not sure. I even remember reading about it on this web site!!!!

    The producers are trying to get away with it because they can fall back upon that famous line, " Hey, it happened in real life-- we are just portraying that on this show."

    Personally, I think that they (NYPD BLUE) is wrong for having portrayed FDNY in that light, and I think that FDNY, and their Union are doing the right thing and letting it be known that they don't appreciate bad PR.


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    In the Nash Bridges episode mentioned earlier, the robbers were IMPERSONATING firefighters. They thought they had found the perfect crime. They would set a fire, respond with a reserve engine (stolen from the city), and rob the place.

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